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    Glitch First Impressions


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    Glitch First Impressions Empty Glitch First Impressions

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:44 pm

    My lovely FaunaSphere friends ganged up on me and twisted my arm until I accepted an invitation to play Glitch.

    First off, it was so incredibly wonderful and nostalgic to see so many familiar "faces" at Glitch. It's sooooo good to see them and be able to talk to them, again!

    So, my impressions of the game.

    It's a little overwhelming at first. Not that it's hard, mind you - the tutorial is easy to understand - it's just that there are so very many directions you can go and so many things you can do!

    I accidentally clicked through one part of the tutorial and promptly got myself lost. Lucky thing that the gameplay is not incredibly structured, as I ended up following bribling to her home, which was pretty far from where I started. lol~

    The navigation is pretty easy with the help of the easily-accessible maps, but there's so much to see! So many places to go! I'm repeating myself again, but at least you get my point. haha. Things get much easier once you learn how to teleport, and there's always the subway until then Wink

    Like FaunaSphere, I didn't "get" the game at first. It's once I got back to where I started (6 hours later Belly laugh) and was able to start doing my quests more in the order that I received them that I started getting that "addicted" feeling.

    Glitch is rife with humor, from pigs that grow meat on their backs (which you then can "nibble" to get meat... as long as you've properly pet them first) to squeezing chickens to get grain to dealing with bureaucrats to be a "certified card carrier", you'll find humor everywhere.

    You can easily customize your "Glitch" (character), with tons of options and clothes to choose from. I started out with a plain Jane pony tailed Glitch with bug eyes, and ended up with a bob-haired cutie:
    Glitch First Impressions 6790763223_7d3732b0c8_m

    I'm enjoying the game, and I think it's going to be another must-play for me.

    Way to go, devs! Two thumbs up

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    Glitch First Impressions O9fj

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    Glitch First Impressions Empty Re: Glitch First Impressions

    Post by bribling on Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:18 pm

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I see that you purchased a nice Bog house. Bog houses are quite the thing to have now as there are several Herb Quests. You can only grow Herbs in the Bogs and no vendor sells them. You can buy them at Auction or grow them in Bog gardens.

    Heads up for fans, players and interested persons - on Tuesdays at 5PM EST Glitch streams live at Massively! It is both fun and frustrating to watch the Live stream with Beau. He has been playing for a while now but is still a newb so it can be a trip to watch him try to figure out how to do his Quests. I find myself talking to him (he can't hear thank goodness). I tell him what to do and I am sure that other players do too.

    Glitch, in an unheard of move, has reverted back to Beta after having gone "Live" at the end of August. You can still get in through invites. The Devs are revamping the housing system and adding a few new features. They promise the addition of pets and maybe other animals in a few months. They are also 86ing "Levels" and going with "Imagination" instead. "Imagination" will be similar to leveling but it is still unclear exactly how it will work.

    I am at level 35 right now which is neither low nor high. The highest attainable level for now is 60. I hope I reach that before the new changes occur. Levels will be traded for "Imagination" when the new changes begin and I want to have lots of "Imagination"!

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