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    [Threshold] The Burdens of Axazel


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    [Threshold] The Burdens of Axazel Empty [Threshold] The Burdens of Axazel

    Post by Garbonzo Fri Dec 04, 2020 11:55 am

    There is currently a major plot line taking place in Threshold called "The Burdens of Axazel." We've been keeping a running account of things over the last few weeks as players worked together (or sometimes against each other).

    bit.ly BurdensofAxazel

    Axazel has bedeviled players for years, but this time players have an ally who sent them on a quest to gather pieces of an ancient tome. Once all 35 stanzas of an epic poem are found, they have to decipher and interpret the saga to assemble it in proper order. Finally, they can utilize the knowledge within to thwart Axazel's torments.

    The various tasks and challenges were designed to include players of all levels (even new players) and play styles (combat, crafting, pure RP, etc.). Everyone can contribute in meaningful ways to the event.

    The best way to catch up is, of course, to talk to players in game. But if you're curious where things stand check out that link above. Players are actually a bit further along. We keep the written account a day or two behind so it doesn't spoil anything.


    What is Threshold?

    Threshold is one of the longest running RP required games on the internet. Founded in 1996, it has a large, stable population of players who add to the amazing, constantly evolving world story. Threshold has 24 years of REAL history!

    Best of all, Threshold's community loves bringing new players into the realm and letting them add their ideas, imagination, and stories to the greater fabric of the game world.

    From a game mechanic standpoint, Threshold features:

    • 13 unique classes and 11 races.
    • A huge world that has expanded and grown over 24 years. Players have shaped and altered it.
    • A rich pantheon of active Gods whose religions are run by players. Holy wars, constantly changing alliances, and intense drama abound in the religion system.
    • Incredible character customization with numerous systems that gradually layer on as you get more familiar with the game.
    • A player run economy with shops, crafting, and resource gathering.
    • A player run government with an advanced legal system, judges, juries, Mayors, and more.
    • Mini-games like Trial Arcanus, Quail Hunting, card games, chess, and many more.
    • A living, breathing world where players constantly make things interesting and your actions matter.

    See you on Threshold!

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