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    Fabulous 5: New York to LA


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    Fabulous 5: New York to LA Empty Fabulous 5: New York to LA

    Post by genkicoll Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:51 pm

    Fabulous: New York to LA
    by Nitreal/GameHouse - - October, 2019

    Series linksFabulous 0: Angela's Sweet Revenge (prequel), Fabulous 1: Angela's Fashion FeverFabulous 2: Angela's High School Reunion, Fabulous 3: Angela's Wedding Disaster, Fabulous 4: Angela's True Colors, Fabulous 5: New York to LA

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition
    GameHouse as Collector's Edition
    Steam as Collector's Edition

    Fabulous 5: New York to LA 204785

    After rocking the fashion world in New York’s Fashion Week, Angela wants more! Next stop: HOLLYWOOD!

    Welcome to the most sparkly time management story game ever – where nimble fingers are a must and Fashion is Queen!

    In Fabulous – New York to LA 🌟, Angela is ready to chase her dream – to become a recognized and respected worldwide fashion icon. When Hollywood star Kelly Harper asks Angela to design her dress for an awards show, it appears to be exactly the chance Angela was looking for! She moves to LA and starts earning a reputation as THE fashion designer in Hollywood.

    But fame has its price… Soon she realizes she’s losing an important part of who she was, and becoming her own worst enemy…

    What will happen to Angela?
    Will she choose friends or fame?
    What about love?
    And most importantly - what about fashion?

    One thing is for sure – Angela can’t do this alone! Are you ready to face the paparazzi and the bright lights? Help Angela run her boutiques. Make wise choices and help make her dreams of becoming a star, a reality!

    ???? Follow Angela's Hollywood adventures in a brand new, exciting story full of fashion and fame!
    ???? Master 265 levels full of exciting time management gameplay
    ???? Help Angela take Hollywood by storm
    ???? Boost your fashion sales with exciting power-ups
    ???? Decorate your stores and stock them with products you choose
    ???? Play bonus levels to get awesome rewards
    ???? Level Angela to make her even more fabulous
    ???? Earn reward boxes by completing Daily Challenges and achieving trophies
    ???? Reach the #1 high score in challenging endless levels to get even more rewards
    ???? Become a professional fashion designer through exciting fashion-themed minigames
    ???? Try to get all 5 gold stars in each level
    ???? Find Carl the Mouse hiding somewhere in each level. It’s not always easy!
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA Ss_c59a5336925b67ac80b60bf2d866135f9b1279a1.600x338
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA Ss_56714fb49f501f90e9c583bfaa670d0e2e2c17a5.600x338
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA Ss_fa02f440fa67db221ad26f004caa38bdfb6ec63f.600x338

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    Never be a prisoner of your past.
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    Fabulous 5: New York to LA O9fj

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    Fabulous 5: New York to LA Empty Re: Fabulous 5: New York to LA

    Post by genkicoll Fri Dec 06, 2019 6:00 am

    Fabulous 5: New York to LA (Dash-TM)

    A stronger emphasis on gameplay than in previous games, with a ton of brand new additions to enjoy!

    Options are simply Sound and Music on/off, Show Game Hints, Full-screen and choice of language (MANY to choose from!)  There is no choice of difficulty, but this can be as hard as you want it to be!  I'll come back to that in a bit.


    Angela is impetuous, strong-willed, fun, a little naughty and above all driven to succeed.  When a famous actress in LA decides that Angela is the perfect person to design her dress for an upcoming awards show, Angela enthusiastically agrees... The only problem is that the actress is on-set, so Angela will have to go to LA.  The lure of fame is strong, but is Angela strong enough to keep hold of who she is while she chases her dreams?


    If you're a fan of the series, then you already know the basics, so I'm going to focus on what's different instead (and there's a lot!)

    Call Button - You can call in as many clients at once as you wish.  These aren't extra clients -- You have a set number of people that will come to your store every day -- but each person you call in early will shorten the level a bit (as indicated by a green area on the timer), and there is a nice scoring bonus for finishing early.
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA D3E8D3FD64311360584A905AFF1FB5EDCDF9847D

    Scoring - We now have a 5-star scoring system.  You'll earn some whilst you play, and there can be bonuses during the end-of-level screen that might bump your star-rating... or not!  The nice thing is that the star-rating is cumulative.  In other words, when you play the level over again, it will add to your existing stars!

    Money - You keep every cent you make during levels.  Gone is the 300-coin max from previous games.  We're here to make money, honey, and you're going to need it for UPGRADES!

    Store Upgrades - The store is now a list that you can scroll (horizontally) through.  Some of the upgrades are tiered (pay to upgrade a second time to improve performance, etc.) and many can be customized, with at least two designs to choose from.

    New Products have to be added manually!  In previous games new products were added to our stores automatically.  Now we have to:

     1. Finish designing them (there are many designing levels scattered throughout the game)

     2. Purchase the new items from the Products tab in the Store (which will pop up before you enter each level).  There are usually two styles to choose from, so customize to your heart's content!

    Customers will pay more for the items you unlock, so keep that in mind!

    Boosters - This is what we spend our diamonds on.  Boosters are buttons on the side of the screen that will help us during levels.  Things like increasing customer happiness, instant-restocking, expanding your tray size (temporarily), make Angela walk faster and more!  Only certain boosters are available per level, and there's a timer on them, so use them wisely!

    Skill Tree - Angela now has experience points and goes up levels, which will give you hearts to spend on her abilities.  Hearts can also be obtained through gifts (explained below).
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA FE53DE2051359236514513D775FB3AEE7AA91C75

    Gift Boxes - There are two types of gift boxes that you can earn, and multiple ways to do so!  Gift levels, earning trophies, completing daily challenges and going up levels are some of the ways you can earn them.  The purple gifts are harder to get, but usually contain the hearts you need to upgrade Angela's abilities!

    Daily Challenges - There are three challenges available at once, each with its own mini-reward.  Complete 20 challenges to get yourself one of the purple gift boxes!  Goals can include things such as making x-number of quick-bonuses, completing x-number of levels, catching a certain number of mice and more!  Pro tip: The best location for making 10 customers angry is Level 32. ;D

    Trophies/Achievements - Trophies are obtained by earning achievements, and you'll be able to collect a gift for each one you unlock!  You have to manually claim them, so don't forget to check!

    HOW Many Levels?!? - 185 standard levels... 185!  Include the challenges and you have a grand total of 265 levels!  These levels can be short -- especially if you're calling in a lot of customers at once -- and there are the aforementioned designing levels included in this number, but still... WOW! 

    Endless Mode - Endless Mode is just that -- Endless.  There is no timer, no certain goal to accomplish... Just play until you "lose".  There is a pause between "shifts" to give us a chance to restock things, but it's short, so it's a real challenge to keep progressing!  You can play for as long as you are making points, but go too long without scoring something, and it's level-over.  Every 24 hours you can spin for a new location to play in, and heads up... You need to be sure to upgrade everything you can before trying EM, or you won't be able to get a very high score!
    Fabulous 5: New York to LA 98258171AC5A1A59662FE7D0762F71F9076B0548


    This is a very LONG game for a dash-type TM (I'm working on getting all of the achievements, and already have logged 23 hours), but it's really well-designed.  The revamp to the gameplay makes it more fun and more challenging, but it takes longer to progress through the story, which could be an issue for some players.  The mini-games are all enjoyable, the gameplay overall does not feel repetitive in the slightest, and although Angela made some cringe-worthy decisions along the way, I am very happy with how the game ended.  A Fabulous addition to the series!

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    Fabulous 5: New York to LA O9fj

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