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    sexist remarks ?? seriously ???


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    sexist remarks ??  seriously ??? Empty sexist remarks ?? seriously ???

    Post by orphaned on Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:08 am

    Half Flower

    apparently I am out of step with political correctness  ...

    many years back, my cousin was one of the first female sports reporters

    then as now .. it seemed odd but way cool ... that a lady was doing sports 

    yes, women can do almost anything now >>> the gifts of a democratic society

    but to call someone sexist ... seriously !!!

    especially as I, too, sometimes think it is funny ( as in times they are a changin' )

    it was ill-timed and not the best thing to say out loud, especially at a press conference

    but seriously ....

    NOTE TO NEWTON and myself  .. that is why thinking is silent and safer

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