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    warning !!! the Russian Trolls are still hacking


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    warning !!! the Russian Trolls are still hacking Empty warning !!! the Russian Trolls are still hacking

    Post by orphaned on Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:16 pm

    Half Flower

    the Russian troll farms are still active on social media sites !!!

    not only are future elections at risk   [  go with paper ballots !!!   duh !!!!!! ]

    but they are fomenting dissension and division among Americans in general ..

    the latest being the NFL discussion , which has mushroomed out of proportion thanks to #45 

    a silver lining may be there ... long overdue talks about the racial divide and treatment are happening

    unintended POSITIVE consequences ..

    but here is why I am writing this ... 

    beware on social media sites 

    not all may be as it seems 

    the internet is an adjunct to news and should not be the sole source of your information

    just because you read it on the net does not make it true   

    fact check  !!!

    our way of life is being undermined  by outside interference and influences.

    in this case, the Russians are again [ still ] involved ... as they are known to do world wide 

    as wonderful as computers and the internet are  ...

    they are also prone to being hacked by those who are jealous of or resent our way of life 

    and other ignoble reasons

    so be careful ... have fun

    be safe and be aware 


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