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    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone


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    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone Empty Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone

    Post by genkicoll Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:42 pm

    Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone
    by E-Funsoft - May, 2017

    Series linksBloom! 1: Share Flowers with the WorldBloom! 2 Valentine's EditionBloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone Fea_wide_2

    Help Jasmine revitalize her flower shops!

    Jasmine always loved flowers, and so she decided to share their beauty with everyone. She began with a single flower shop and soon managed shops all around the world. Whether it was Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, a bouquet of flowers to celebrate a special event or just to show compassion, Jasmine knew exactly what her customers needed.

    Lately, however, her passion diminished and her business declined. Now Jasmine wants to revitalize her flower shops, but she needs your help!

    Bloom! is a time management game set in Jasmine's flower shops, where she plants, harvests, gathers, and arranges flowers. Play over 60 levels in which you'll create custom bouquets and restore Jasmine's passion for her business. Earn tokens to upgrade your shop, hire employees, and see how your flowers change your customers' lives.
    Will brightening people's days help Jasmine feel passionate about flowers again? Will her customers return? Create a bouquet for everyone and help her flower shops return to glory.

    • 60 balanced levels to play!
    • 47 types of item upgrades to buy!
    • 17 customers with their own stories, shown through beautiful cutscenes!
    • 6 flower shops in 6 different countries!
    • Original music compositions with American, French and Japanese stylings!

    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone Screen_1
    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone Screen_2
    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone Screen_3

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    Bloom! 3 A Bouquet for Everyone O9fj

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