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    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix


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    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Empty Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix

    Post by genkicoll Thu May 25, 2017 4:31 pm

    Haunted Hotel: Phoenix
    by Elephant Games - August, 2015

    Series links: Haunted Hotel 1 (straight HOG), Haunted Hotel 2: Believe the Lies, Haunted Hotel 3: Lonely Dream, Haunted Hotel 4: Charles Dexter Ward, Haunted Hotel 5: Eclipse, Haunted Hotel 6: Ancient Bane, Haunted Hotel 7: Death Sentence, Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity, Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix, Haunted Hotel 10: The X, Haunted Hotel 11: The Axiom Butcher, Haunted Hotel 12: Silent Waters, Haunted Hotel 13: The Thirteenth, Haunted Hotel 14: Personal Nightmare

    Big Fish as Collector's Edition  / Standard Edition  

    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Haunted-hotel-phoenix-collectors-edition_feature

    Wildfires are breaking out all over Northern Oregon, with witnesses claiming that the fires were caused by the legendary Oregon Phoenix. Is a mythical creature truly to blame, or is it just a cover for a clever arsonist? Travel to the scenic mountains of the Pacific Northwest and dig through the ruins of a burned university to gather clues about the fire that started them all. Will you uncover the truth, or will you become the Phoenix's final victim?

    • Uncover more Stone Spires mysteries in the bonus game!
    • Multiple collectibles hidden throughout Stone Spires
    • Keep track of challenges and victories with achievements
    • Wallpapers, concept art, music, and more!
    • When all seems lost, consult the Strategy Guide
    • Big Fish Blog Walkthrough

    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Screen1
    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Screen2
    Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix Screen3

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