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    Fun in the workplace ...


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    Fun in the workplace ...  Empty Fun in the workplace ...

    Post by orphaned Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:01 pm

    Half Flower 

    I used to work for (very) criminal lawyers  ..  5 in the office

    the day that Elvis died ...

    the lead lawyer's secretary asked for the day off

    saying she was too upset to work

    not to be outdone >>> so did I !!! 

    Howard said if the others agreed ... I could go home too

    when he called back later ... said , Oh they said no to you.

    I replied ...

    yeah but as you said yes >>> I didn't answer  your phone !!!!


    he fired me on the spot  until he realized I was KIDDING !!!!

    then he warned me ... again   snicker

    working there was like high school

    many, many, many detentions/warnings !!!

    ROFL !!!

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