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    Diving Bell


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    Diving Bell Empty Diving Bell

    Post by BellaD Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:31 am

    Hi everyone

    It's 9.30 am here ( about 1.30 am Pacific time) and I've been trying to get into DB. At first I managed to get the pages I'd bookmarked but then was unable to navigate around the sit; now I can't even get that.

    We are going to be out for a large part of the day but I will try again later. Hoping it's just a glitch but all the other sites I've tried are working so it must be DB and not my browser. Same results on both computers.

    Just wanted to let everyone know.

    ETA - I've just tried again and it seems to be working again now - so sorry for the alarm - must have been a temporary glitch or update. 

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    Diving Bell Empty Re: Diving Bell

    Post by _DD_ Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:45 am

    hi Bella,

    your post shows as "yesterday" for me, which was Saturday -- almost a week since the Pub is back up. I hope all is well now again.
    BTW, our other threads - collecting Pubsters <g> -- are a bit further down, below "Favorite Websites", cos genki posted and pinned a link there. Smile


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