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    finally Empty finally

    Post by orphaned Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:32 pm

    Half Flower 

    Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce 

    they finally took down that damn tree !!

    it was rotten in the centre 2/3 ...

    as I ( we all ) tried to tell the City for last 30 years !!

    this is the email that I sent to those whose lives and property suffered damage especially in the last few years...

    the tree was over 100 years old ..

    tied my childhood friend to it as a child ... Cowboys ...

    its leafy canopy provided shade and shelter for years ..

    part of me will miss it


    oh, the damage it has done

    rotten limbs crashing into cars ...

    hydro lines ....

    porches ....

    and ice laden limbs did more of the same

    including damaging my baby house's poor roof and eves

    and the basement ...

    oh, the basement  ...

    at least now the roots and limbs have ceased their destruction ....

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