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    Jigsaw World Tour 2


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    Jigsaw World Tour 2 Empty Jigsaw World Tour 2

    Post by genkicoll Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:27 pm

    Jigsaw World Tour 2
    by 8Floor Games - June, 2014

    Series linksJigsaw World Tour, Jigsaw World Tour 2, Jigsaw World Tour 3

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Jigsaw World Tour 2 Jigsaw-world-tour-2_feature

    Choosing where to go on vacation? This new puzzle game can help you take a virtual tour around the most famous tourist cities of the world! Enjoy high quality images, convenient controls and help, and heaps of clues and tools to help you configure the game to your liking. Special tasks and trophies make the game even more entertaining.

    Before you set off on your travels, play Jigsaw Tour 2! Venice, Chicago, Peking, Munich, Athens... 700 photographs of famous sights in 7 of the most beautiful cities of the world. Architecture, monuments, art, and national clothing, cooking and souvenirs. Find out everything a city is famous for in the world of tourism. Study the culture and traditions of cities in the comfort of your own home. Travel around the world with Jigsaw Tour 2!

    -700 high quality unique images
    -7 famous tourist cities of the world
    -Optional game difficulty control. Infinite gameplay!
    -Tasks and colorful trophies for those who love excitement
    -Ambient, relaxing sound

    Click images to enlarge
    Jigsaw World Tour 2 Th_screen1 _Jigsaw World Tour 2 Th_screen2 _ Jigsaw World Tour 2 Th_screen3

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    Jigsaw World Tour 2 O9fj

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    Jigsaw World Tour 2 Empty Re: Jigsaw World Tour 2

    Post by JustTheFacts Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:05 am

    Beautiful If Predictable ****


    This is an 8 Floor game which, to experienced purchasers of Jigsaw, Mahjong, and Fill & Cross games, is all that you need to know to know exactly what you’re getting. They are nothing if not consistent.

    The game opens in widescreen – nice! And looks very good. The pictures in the album to choose from are professional and vary in subject matter across a good range of destinations. Although I’d never have thought of Chicago as a tourist destination. The other cities are: Venice, Amsterdam, Athens, Beijing, Barcelona and Munich.

    The usual features are available: rotate, change number of pieces (390 max) and the degree of variance in the pieces, hint, separate the border, magnifier, ghost, image and a sorting box. There are also a few trophies to be won and a top scores list.

    Mostly, there are excellent photos and endless variety – which at least makes up for the stoic adherence to their game structure that 8 Floor seem to wear as a badge of honour lol.

    I recommend this game!

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