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    Homeopathic Cough and Throat Remedies. Secrets of Native American Medicine Women


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    Homeopathic Cough and Throat Remedies. Secrets of Native American Medicine Women Empty Homeopathic Cough and Throat Remedies. Secrets of Native American Medicine Women

    Post by genkicoll Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:27 am

    copied from the How's Your Day Going? thread:

    ScarletteSpider wrote:Homeopathic Cough and Throat Remedies. Secrets of Native American Medicine Women tee hee hee

    You should always see a trained medical professional when truly and utterly sick. They know you and what works best for you if they are indeed a good healer and not just running you through a people mill. But modern medicine is called "the practice of medicine" because they don't know everything. And they sometimes forget that Mother Nature has a cure for everything if you know where to look. The following is some tried and true remedies Native Americans have been using for centuries. They don't replace the prescriptions your doctor proscribes, but when used in harmony with them, it all works better!

    For sore, raw and/or scratchy throats:

    You can go to the drug store and get those expensive cough/throat drops that the second they are gone the pain is back. That also is consuming a lot of processed sugar which is not good for you when your immune system is under attack. Nature has a better and less expensive solution. Peppermint, Wintergreen and Spearmint all have natural properties that not only sooth the throat but also things that attack what is making it sick and heals it to boot! Try getting some good old fashioned peppermint candy disks or candy canes. Be sure they are real peppermint or wintergreen and not the sugar free substitutes kind since those don't have real peppermint or wintergreen oils in them. Peppermint works best, but in a pinch wintergreen and spearmint can also work, just not quite as well. You will find that your throat will feel better for up to 30 to 45 minutes longer after the candy is gone. You will also find that your cold is subsiding and going away anywhere from 3 to 7 days faster than without them since the oils attack the infection/virus in your bloodstream and immune system.

    Also modern medicine has found that the active ingredient in these oils can also make a persistent cough go away sooner, and have extracted it into Zinc drops. Follow the instructions on the packaging since these cannot be consumed like you do the peppermint candies or cough drops. When these are used in harmony with the candy and doctors prescriptions it can make a nasty cold and/or flu symptons dissappear many days sooner.

    ok, now for the icky coughs....

    this may sound icky but it really does work. Take an onion, preferably a valdelia (purple) onion, but the yellow ones work too but not as well, the white ones and scallions don't work at all. Slice it in half and skin it.
    Put in a small flat dish saucer a small pinch (1/8th teaspoon) of baking soda mixed into 1/3rd cup clover honey.
    Then put the half onion flat side down into the honey mixture.
    Cover with a soup/cereal bowl or with loosely attached clingwrap, (it needs to breath a bit so don't make it airtight.) and leave sitting overnight (approximately 8 to 12 hours).
    When ready take one to two tablespoons full of this every time your doctor or over the counter cough syrup says to take it. It not only gets the icky taste out of your mouth, but it soothes the throat and the active ingredients in the onion and baking soda make cough syrup work harder and better.
    Take the other half of the onion and put in a brown paper bag and store in the vegetable bin in your refrigerator in case you need to make another batch before well again.
    Always store onions and potatoes in brown paper bags that let them breathe since putting them in airtight containers that doesn't block the light makes them rot faster.

    I often put this onion honey mixture into peppermint tea done hot.

    A few words about herbal teas....

    They are excellent boosters for whatever ails you and many of the herbal non-caffeinated varieties are chock full of things that are good for you. However, what most people don't know is that there are things that people put in their tea that cancels out all the medicinal qualities of herbal teas. Kind of like how you aren't suppose to have dairy products or alcohol with antibiotics, one cancels out the other making them inert.

    So, never ever put any kind of sweetner into your herbal teas if you are drinking them for colds and flu. Sugar, sugar substitutes, fructose, sucrose, syrups and (unfortunately) honey all render your herbal teas just flavored hot water taking away all it's medicinal properties. And hot herbal teas helps push fluids that you need when you are sick, particularly if you have fevers producing sweat or attempting to expel mucus build-ups. You need the fluids to help loosen mucus, replenish what fever sweats took out of you, and to flush the icky nastys from your bloodstream and system.

    I know I said earlier that I put the onion honey in my peppermint tea, which sounds counter-intuitive to what I just said about sweetners in tea. But I also follow up the cup with the onion honey mixture with another cup that has no sweetners and no dairy in it so I get all the healing goodness.

    Final bit of advice, if you are experiencing high fevers that produce a lot of sweat, or having dehydration problems due to stomach upset, then absolutely mix in some electrolights into your juice or tea. DO NOT go and get power drinks like gatoraide or powerup because even though they do have electrolights in them, they also have a boat load of salts/sodium which is extremely bad for you when you are sick. Salt/sodium/soy is bad for your period, but especially so when your system is under attack by infections or a virus when your immune system is compromised. Go get some non-flavored Pedialight instead and mix in 1/4 cup to every 8 ounces of other beverage you are consuming in every glass/cup until you are well. It gives the body what it needs to heal faster when dehydrated.

    I never have a cold for more than 3 days, and I almost never get the flu anymore. I don't get flu shots because they make me sick instead of preventing illness. I keep a lean mean healthy body machine by eating right, regular exercise, no salt, no sodium, no soy, limited amounts of sugar or sweets (ok, i just gotta have chocolate now and then lol) and food rich in things that bolster a nearly non-existant immune system. I also take vitamins daily, ones that are Chelated or time released so my body has time to absorb them and not go down the toilet wasted money. Your grocery or drug store won't have these types, you have to go to a health food store to get vitamins that are Chelated (special process that allows the body to absorb them completely,) or time released (which also helps the body absorb them completely since it takes all day for them to be completely consumed.)

    This should help folks feel better quicker and stay healthy if you follow the advice of thousands of years of Native American Medicine Women Healers.

    Get well soon! huggies

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    Homeopathic Cough and Throat Remedies. Secrets of Native American Medicine Women O9fj

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