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    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands


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    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Empty Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

    Post by genkicoll Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:13 pm

    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands
    by Meridian93 - September, 2011

    Series links:  Magic Farm 1: Ultimate Flower, Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands, Magic Farm 3: The Ice Danger

    Available at:
    Big Fish
    GameHouse as Platinum Edition
    Steam as Premium Edition

    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Magic-farm-2_feature

    Go on a new adventure with Iris and Robin and help them win the Magical Tournament in Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands! With help from new and old friends, new improvements to the land, and unique upgrades, this Time Management game will have you occupied for hours! Grow and gather flowers and fulfill unusual quests to succeed!

    • Awesome gameplay
    • Fantastic action
    • Win the Magical Tournament!

    The Platinum Edition (at GameHouse) includes one new farm with 15 upgrades, three additional flowers, three new pests, 20 extra quests, and two bonus challenges.

    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Screen1
    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Screen2
    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Screen3

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    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands O9fj

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    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands Empty Re: Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

    Post by genkicoll Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:39 am

    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands (Premium Edition)

    This is what I affectionately refer to as a "Click Management" game -- a Time Management sub-genre.  There are only three other titles that I know of that have this kind of gameplay:  The Fifth Gate, Dragon Keeper and Grimm's Hatchery, none of which are currently available at Steam.

    Options include separate sliders for Music and Sound, Full-screen, Custom Cursor and Warning notifications, plus Casual or Hardcore mode.  The Tutorial is optional.

    The goal:

    Grow plants and collect flowers to sell.  Create bouquets to increase your profits, and complete all of the tasks that are given to you.

    There is a lot of strategy involved with planting the right flowers, defending your garden from pests, completing quests, making sure you have enough water and storage space, etc. 

    The story:

    Compete against your peers at the magical academy in a tournament to see which student is the most talented.  There is a much more complex underlying storyline, which sets us up for a third installment of the game, but the in-game leaderboard only tracks how many days it takes you to complete the tourney.

    As you complete the tasks that are given to you, the story will progress via character pop-ups.  Click on them to interact and get new tasks and pieces of the story.

    How it works:

    Each day is represented by one minute of wildly clicking on every flower that blooms, clicking on thirsty plants (represented by water droplets), rapid-clicking on pests that want to eat your plants, clicking on loot that the enemies drop... Get it?  Click-management!

    There is a timer in the top right corner, and when day becomes night, you're out of time.  I highly recommend ignoring the gauge, and instead make sure that have your sound turned on.  When you're almost out of time, you'll hear the final tick-tick-tick of the day, and you'll know to click fast(er)!

    You have a dragon-helper, Robin, who will help you along the way.  He is pretty inefficient at first, but he's very valuable, and he'll work faster if you give him a piece of candy.  Pro tip: When HE waters your plants, you don't lose water from your storage!

    The flowers:

    At the end of each day, you'll be taken to a screen where you can sell your flowers.  Initially you will have to drag and drop each and every flower to form the bouquets.  Once you have discovered/used all of the flowers available for that garden, however, you can just CLICK on the bouquet and the flowers that are available for that bouquet will fly into place.  This is especially useful when you've got over a hundred flowers!  There are also "Sell one time" and "Sell all items" buttons, but you'll get less money for individual flowers.

    I mentioned LOOT earlier, and there are several types: Experience, water and items to beautify your bouquets.  Simply place the one of the items in the slot below each bouquet to get a money and/or experience bonus!

    Once you have a variety of flowers, there will also be a "special" bouquet that you can put together for big bucks! Ka-CHING! $_$  This special -- located at the top right of the screen -- is timed, and if you run out of time before you place the final flower, you lose all of the ones you've put there.  You also can't use the one-click, fly-into-place method on this bouquet.


    The money you earn can be used to buy new plots, plants, more water and flower storage, and upgrades for your farm(s). These improvements aren't just for show.  Every one of them will benefit you in some way, from making your plants more pest-resistant to making your flowers require watering less often.

    Eventually you'll earn the ability to harvest all flowers at once and kill all pests at once, but they can only be used once per level.

    I did have problems with a few of the upgrades causing my monitor to think it was off, and having to restart my computer.  The Harvest Mask at the village crashed me out three times, but once I stopped trying to buy that upgrade, I stopped having trouble :p


    Your game is saved automatically when you exit, but you have five SAVE SLOTS, as well, so if you want to work on getting the best you can per day -- or if you accidentally lose valuable plants -- you can easily start the day over again.


    As you progress and gain experience, you must choose where to level yourself and/or Robin.  For example, how quickly the flowers bloom, how fast Robin can water, how efficiently you fight off pests, or maybe you want to get better prices for your wares - it's up to you!


    There are three locations you will visit, and each has its own plants, pests and types of money.  During the tournament, your tasks will involve one farm at a time, but later on, you'll need to gather money and/or flowers from different locations.

    Hidden objects?

    Some of our tasks involve finding hidden objects via list, but these scenes are infrequent, net us some great rewards and can be SKIPPED!  (I *think* that you still get the rewards, but I'm not positive.)


    There are 13 trophies that you can earn, and each one comes with its own bonus to help you along the way~!


    Via the main menu you will see a Trials button, which will unlock as you progress through the game. These are four extra tasks - separate from the main game - that have in-game (but not online) leaderboards.  You will still gain experience, but you'll have set amounts of plants/money, and any changes and money you earn won't carry over to your adventure.


    Although I'm not incredibly coordinated (and don't usually like clicky games), I love these click-management games.  There's something super-addictive about them, and I suffer terribly from "just one more level" syndrome!  Hopefully Steam will bring the first Magic Farm to the site!  I've already got 24 hours of game time in, and I still have at least 8 quests to go, so there is a lot of content to this one!  Despite the frenetic clicking, there's something soothing about playing Magic Farm, and I happily recommend it - even to those who don't usually enjoy time management games.

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands O9fj

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