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    Memorabilia: Mia's Mysterious Memory Machine (HOG/M3)


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    Memorabilia: Mia's Mysterious Memory Machine (HOG/M3)

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:09 pm

    Memorabilia: Mia's Mysterious Memory Machine
    by: Pi Eye Games/Clockwork Pixels

    Available at:
    Clockwork Pixels
    Big Fish

    While exploring your new home, an old abandoned farmhouse, you discover a strange machine. The manual claims it is a mind reading device, created in 1925 by an A. J. Penburry. After several weeks' work and numerous replacement parts it is now ready for action! It's time to put the machine to good use, and earn enough money to renovate your new home.

    Memorabilia is a hidden object game in which you help customers find their missing items by locating and piecing together memory fragments. Keep customers happy by finding their favourite objects and use your match 3 skills to create fun and helpful power ups, including Multi Hint, Clarifying Glass and Declutter. With the help of your grateful customers you'll soon restore and decorate your new home.

    Memorabilia Features:

    • Original hidden object gameplay.
    • Meet and help out 50 individual customers.
    • Repair and decorate your old farmhouse.
    • Create fun power ups using your match 3 skills.
    • Piece together memory fragments in the bonus jigsaw game.
    • Discover the story of the strange old machine's inventor

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