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    Primetime Television Mystery Bundle



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    Primetime Television Mystery Bundle

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:43 pm

    Primetime Television Mystery Bundle

    Available at:

    Solve murder and medical mysteries in the Primetime Television Mystery Bundle, two fantastic games for one low price.

    The best detectives don't always come with a badge. In this case, you're talking about Jessica Fletcher, the gifted mystery writer and Dr. Gregory House, the brilliant doctor with an unbelievable bedside manner. Join them both as you strive to solve 10 baffling mysteries.

    In Murder, She Wrote, follow Jessica when murder rears its ugly head in her hometown of Cabot's Cove.

    In House M.D., join the team of medical investigators at Princeton-Plainsboro as they try to help patients overcome strange illnesses.

    In both titles inspired by their television shows, you can search scenes for clues, solve challenging puzzles, and play a host of mini-games to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

    • Enjoy two television show mysteries for the price of one.
    • Join Dr. House and his staff in solving five baffling medical anomalies.
    • Help Jessica nab criminals in five fantastic mystery cases.
    • Search dozens of scenes for clues and items.
    • Decipher dozens of challenging puzzles.

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