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    Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen


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     Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Empty Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen

    Post by genkicoll on Thu May 24, 2012 6:57 pm

    Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen
    by Eipix Entertainment - May, 2012

    Series linksFinal Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen, Final Cut 2: Encore, Final Cut 3: Homage, Final Cut 4: The True Escapade, Final Cut 5: Fame Fatale, Final Cut 6: Fade to Black

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard Edition
    GameHouse as Platinum Edition
    iWin Collector's Edition / Standard Edition
    Steam as Collector's Edition

     Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Final-cut-death-on-the-silver-screen-ce_feature

    Unravel the mystery of your father’s death and brother’s bizarre disappearance in Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen! Your father was a famous movie director who liked to invent elaborate locks and devices. A mysterious villain demands you track down the pieces to his greatest – and perhaps most deadly – invention of all time! If you don’t, your brother will suffer the same fate as your father.

    Return to the family Art Deco mansion and golden era movie backlots to look for clues about a past you never knew your father had – and the dark secrets behind the villain’s quest for his deadly invention.

    The Collector’s Edition Includes:

    • Concept Art
    • Wallpapers
    • Soundtrack
    • Play the bonus game to see how far the villain is willing to go – and how deep your father’s secrets are – as you explore the sets of some of  his greatest movies of all time.

    For Standard Edition:

    Click images to enlarge
     Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Th_screen1 _ Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Th_screen2_  Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Th_screen3

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     Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen O9fj

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     Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen Empty Re: Final Cut 1: Death on the Silver Screen

    Post by JustTheFacts on Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:12 am

    Game In Brief & Bonus Content Review  

    Sunny Sunny SunnySunnySunny 


    The first thing that hits you upon playing this game is, appropriately, its CINEMATIC QUALITY. You never lose sight of the fact that this game is a WORK OF ART, specifically, a WORK OF ART DECO. The breathtaking scope and authenticity overshadows all other aspects of the game, yet they are not shabby either.

    A quick look at the BONUS CONTENT below will give you an idea of just how LONG & COMPLEX this game is, as well as being CLEVERLY designed.

    The HO SCENES are BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN with NO ANACHRONISMS that I could spot. They are of the INTERACTIVE LIST type, and are visited TWICE.

    The PUZZLES, and there are OODLES of them, range from extremely SIMPLE to VERY CHALLENGING.

    There is a JOURNAL which includes a TASK LIST, FATHER’S DIARY, and a INTERACTIVE MAP. And by the time you find the map, chances are you’ll be needing it just to get around the mansion, its grounds and the studio lots. Unfortunately, it’s not a jump map.

    COLLECTIBLES include 20 photos, 10 playing cards, 10 lights, and a MYSTERY COLLECTIBLE. Plenty of ACHIEVEMENTS as well, some the usual, some really odd.

    The STORY is COMPELLING, although it may seem unoriginal to start. Soon, the mysteries deepen and the price of failure is increased.

    This is a PREMIUM QUALITY game.

    Bonus Content List (Not Enough Room Here For Review!)

    *Strategy Guide
    *16 replayable HOS
    *33 replayable PUZZLES
    *ART, including 12 WALLPAPERS, CONCEPT ART, 13 MOVIES & 24 MUSIC tracks.
    *PHOTOS & a MAKING OF movie, about the development team.

    BONUS CHAPTER – all NEW LOCATIONS. The story forms an optional epilogue.

    I Recommend This Game!

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