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    Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Persian Carpet (IHOG)


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    Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Persian Carpet (IHOG)

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:17 pm

    Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC / MAC

    Hunker down at your flat at 221b Baker St. in London. The year is 1896, and Scotland Yard has called Sherlock Holmes with an urgent request for help. Along with Watson, you must investigate a peculiar crime - a young painter has been murdered and found rolled up in a remarkable Persian carpet. Explore scenes in order to find clues and reveal suspects. Use Police reports with interrogations and statements of witnesses in Sherlock Holmes: Mystery of the Persian Carpet.

    • Puzzle & Adventure game
    • Analyze clues and evidence
    • Crime scene items
    • Strategy Guide (Big Fish)

    Click images to enlarge

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