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    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby


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    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Empty Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:49 pm

    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby
    by I-Play

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Classic-adventures-great-gatsby_feature

    Join Nick Carraway as you explore the mansions and bungalows of Long Island, the parlors of New York City, and the heart and soul of the Roaring Twenties. Attend extravagant parties and lush gatherings as
    you dance the Charleston with a happy couple harboring scintillating secrets. Sip bootleg gin with a mysterious millionaire desperate to bring the passions of the past into the present in Great Gatsby, a fun
    Hidden Object game.

    • Gorgeous scenes
    • Variety of minigames
    • Bring this novel to life!

    Click images to enlarge

    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Th_screen1  Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Th_screen2  Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Th_screen3

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    Posts : 8336
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    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby Empty Re: Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:53 pm

    Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have never read The Great Gatsby, nor did I know any of the plot before playing.

    Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this game is a period piece
    set in the 1920's. The developers did a very good job making sure that
    everything was era-appropriate, which helped to make the game more

    You will gain trophies as you progress through the game for things like
    collecting 500 hidden items, finishing a game level without a hint,
    using a hint before you've found any objects on the scene (oh yes, there
    is a dunce cap ) The game is NOT timed, but you do have the option of
    collecting points, which can be used to "buy" items to customize your
    library. Any trophies you collect will also be displayed in your

    This game is a straight HOG with a lot of story interspersed. Despite
    this, the game can be as immersive as you wish, for you can turn off the
    voiced (and visual) dialogue at any time. There are triggers during HOG
    scenes where text will appear at the top of the screen and voices of
    characters will begin. You may be 1/4 or 1/2 way through the scene
    before you hit the right item. It was jolting at first, but I soon
    became used to the sudden interruptions and actually looked forward to
    them so that I could learn more of the story.

    You get points for each item you find, and if you "stagger" the items
    (find as many items on the screen as possible before you start
    clicking), you'll get a lot of bonus points. The fast-click bonus is a
    plus for me, as it gives me incentive to really use my memory to
    remember where everything is.

    There are two optional "mini-games" embedded in the hidden object scenes:
    - Find the Books - Find one book in each scene. Each book you find will
    give you bonus points and will be displayed on a bookshelf in your
    - Find the Secret Word: Collect letters in the scene to spell out the
    secret word. When you click on a letter, it will go to a word box on the
    bottom right of the screen. Finding letters gets you extra points. When
    you think you know the word, you can try to guess it, and doing so
    (correctly) will get you even more bonus points. Also, if you can guess
    early, it will remove all of the letters from the scene and give you the
    points for those, as well.

    The hidden objects start out pretty easy - especially the letters for
    the secret word. As you go forward through the game, however, items and
    letters get more and more cleverly hidden.

    At times during gameplay, there are interactive cutscenes. There is
    narration and changing backgrounds to move the story along, but during
    these scenes, you have another optional "mini-game" to play: Find
    x-number of x-item during the scenes to get extra points. You can replay
    the "transition" scenes if you happened to miss any of the items, but
    this is also optional.

    There are a few mini-games like replacing a flat tire on a car, locket
    puzzles, type-the-falling-words tasks, etc. There are quite a few of the
    typing tasks, but the SKIP button is immediately available for those
    who are not able to type fast.

    Something I really liked about the game were the options. You have three
    sound bars you can adjust: SFX/Ambience (Clicking noise/background
    noises like birds chirping), Music and Voices.

    Now we get to the good stuff: The graphics. The coloration, art style
    and overall visuals really helped set the tone for the era. Very
    appropriate. The thing I appreciated the most about the game is that the
    graphics aren't "static". The scenes are not simple frozen scenes in
    time. There are nuances of light that play about the scenes that are so
    beautifully and skillfully done that you don't really notice them unless
    you are paying attention. This is not the usual "beam of light through
    the window with dust motes" kind of movement, it's minute changes that
    bring the scenes to life without distracting the eye. My favorite effect
    was on the hydrangea bushes on the outside scenes.

    Two more notes about graphics:

    First, this game has implemented a type of moving hidden object scene
    I've never seen before. You have a car and typical hidden object scene
    in the foreground, with the street and some more objects to find passing
    by as you are driving. Fast clicking isn't needed, as you can see them

    Second, you will revisit scenes in this game... but the scenes never
    look the same. Not only do the hidden objects move around each time the
    scene loads, but there are daytime and nighttime views! The artists and
    developers really did a fantastic job keeping the scenes fresh and

    The story progresses well, is interesting and complete, and yet still leaves questions that make you want to read the book.

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