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    Simon the Sorcerer 5 (Who'd even want contact)


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    Simon the Sorcerer 5 (Who'd even want contact)

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:41 pm

    Simon the Sorcerer 5 (Who'd even want contact)

    Available at:

    Do you speak Extraterrestrial? You don’t? That’s too bad – Simon
    doesn’t either! Of all people, our cheeky, favorite sorcerer has to save
    the Magic Kingdom from an invasion from outer space in this
    point-and-click adventure. During his adventure, he meets a number of
    vain and dubious characters which he turns into helpers of the third
    kind: goofy mole agents, giant octopuses, and a transvestite
    pirate –
    Simon is spared nothing! For his fifth adventure, TGC gives Simon not
    only a modern 3D comic look, but also different solutions to the many
    challenges he faces on his odyssey. In its course, our sorcerer’s
    apprentice can not only act in his usual mean and vicious way, but also
    present a whole
    new side of himself: friendliness!


    • 5th installment of the world-famous Simon the Sorcerer series
    • Eventful story full of surprises
    • Five different scenarios for a varied gameplay experience
    • Highly detailed 2D/3D graphics using celshading
    • An intuitive control scheme for experts and beginners alike
    • Quest journal with integrated help function

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