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    Arevan: The Bitter Truth


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    Arevan: The Bitter Truth

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:12 am

    Arevan: The Bitter Truth
    by: Overcloud9

    Available at:
    Overcloud9 (DRM-free!)
    Big Fish for PC

    Game Description: Stop a murderer to save a kingdom in Arevan - The Bitter Truth, a classic RPG-style adventure.

    Mysterious murders are taking place in various kingdoms. Solemaun, the king of Arevan, decides to start a covert investigation with other rulers to find the culprit. By his order, Prince Maurean, his son, sets off on a journey to discover the identity of the murderer and any ulterior motives he may have.

    Travel with Maurean as he makes his way through challenging puzzles, battles ferocious monsters, and tackles intriguing side quests. Join him and his adventuresome companions as they explore pyramids, fight mummies, rescue
    underwater mermaids, and many other exciting events. There will be many shocking revelations for Prince Maurean until he is forced to face the bitter truth.

    Take on this fantastic journey when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Arevan - The Bitter Truth today!

    • Embark on a covert investigation to find the truth in this captivating RPG game.
    • Join adventuresome companions as they explore pyramids, rescue mermaids, and more.
    • Make your way through challenging puzzles and tackle intriguing side
    • Learn new skills, upgrade armature, and obtain helpful power-ups.
    • Battle beasts and other odd creatures in exciting confrontations.

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