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    Smiling Pasta (M3/TM)


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    Smiling Pasta (M3/TM) Empty Smiling Pasta (M3/TM)

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:45 pm

    Smiling Pasta

    Available From
    Big Fish for PC and

    Smiling Pasta (M3/TM) Smiling-pasta_feature

    Daisy has just been appointed the new chef of Smiling Pasta! Everything was going swimmingly until Pastafast
    Chain shows up and decides to take over! Help her run the business and
    turn a tidy profit to keep the corporate goons from winning in this
    challenging Time Management game. Upgrade the restaurant and keep your
    clients content to save Smiling Pasta!

    • Fun gameplay
    • Exciting action
    • Run Smiling Pasta!

    Click images to enlarge

    Smiling Pasta (M3/TM) Th_screen1 Smiling Pasta (M3/TM) Th_screen2 Smiling Pasta (M3/TM) Th_screen3

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