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    Keepers of Dryandra (M3)


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    Keepers of Dryandra (M3) Empty Keepers of Dryandra (M3)

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:13 am

    Keepers of Dryandra
    by: Heartfire Studios LLC

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Keepers of Dryandra (M3) 45448606-45448614-300x150

    Help the magical caretakers of a peaceful tree tribe stop insect invaders in Keepers of Dryandra, a wonderful matching quest mixed with strategy elements.

    The Kuawi are a peaceful folk living inside the tree of Dryandra.
    They are caretakers of the tree, so when it falls under the attack of a
    mysterious insect force, those able to wield magic are called upon to
    protect their home.

    Guide your group of magical keepers in their quest to save their home
    and defeat the source of this unprovoked attack. Challenge the enemies
    in over 70 exciting levels of turn-based Match 3 contests through eight
    wonderful locations. Call on powerful magic skills, upgrade your
    keepers with special abilities, and turn away the invasion. With dozens
    of enemy types, challenging boss battles, and four additional keepers
    to unlock, this unique Match 3 experience is certain to please.

    • Guide a group of magical keepers to protect their home in this fun Match 3 experience.
    • Challenge enemies in exciting turn-based battles through 70 fantastic levels.
    • Call on powerful magic skills and upgrade your keepers with special abilities.
    • Enjoy battling dozens of enemy types and challenging bosses.
    • Unlock four additional keepers with unique abilities.

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