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    ps points to ponder


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    ps     points to ponder Empty ps points to ponder

    Post by orphaned on Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:10 am

    Half Flower


    think of this ..

    most countries around the world are many, many centuries old

    even thousands  ...

    Canada and the US. are comparative youngsters

    and yet, despite its age, the U.S. has become a world power

    when there is trouble ... they are always first to help and fight if need be

    to keep the world safe

    but sometimes we are naive and perhaps gullible

    we want to believe that all countries are good at heart

    democracy should be a right 

    but it is hard fought to attain in many cases

    all that can be done is keep democracy strong 

    here in our own countries

    be true to the core values they were  founded on  ... truth, justice and the American  ( Canadian ) way

    lead by example

    and let freedom ring

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