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    TRUE KEY ... more of a hindrance


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    TRUE KEY ... more of a hindrance

    Post by orphaned on Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:56 am

    Half Flower 


    am not even sure how it got on my laptop ....

    definitely not amused that these things just show up .... grrrrrr  Gah!

    have a brand new hard drive and a new battery ..

    but something has been very wrong ...

    so slow, turning itself off ( over and over and ... )  .....sigh

    and really incapacitating my usually excellent abilities at thieving ...  am a kleptomeggiac

    I love my BFG games but love my dragons most of all ...  Wub

    after spending too many days unsuccessfully trying to get a Lunar Herald ..

    was really despondent

    and rather annoyed that could do little successfully in either the biomes or the abandoned cave

    so ..

    decided to remove some programmes ( the computer version of freezing hatchlings )

    and first on the hit list >>>>> TRUE KEY

    I did not download ... and am not a fan of face recognition or touch screen technologies

    may never know how it ended up on my wee guy


    removing it was the best thing I could have done !!

    can type with ease  ... 

    writing emails is no longer annoying and irksome due to premature transmissions or disappearing altogether

    can steal as well as  before  ( Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce Happy bounce  )

    no more freezing and/or shutting itself off !!!!

    TRUE KEY was more like access corrupted ....  

    it interfered with my usual easy computer usage ... causing days of stress (thought I had broken it again !! )

    so if any one else is having a less than pleasant time

    with functionality plus ease of use disrupted

    and has TRUE KEY

    may I respectfully suggest ... REMOVE IT !!!

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    Re: TRUE KEY ... more of a hindrance

    Post by prismatika on Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:23 am

    I'm really glad you mentioned this. I'll have to check my computer and see if True Key is installed. If it is, that thing is going away!

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