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    another delightful Night at the Museum


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    another delightful Night at the Museum

    Post by orphaned on Sun May 01, 2016 12:53 pm

    Half Flower 


    If you have the blues or just need an escape ..

    This is such a delightful, funny and wickedly clever movie.

    It may be older ... but older IS also a good thing !!  Elk grin

    Of course, with my nickname of Wolfie, one of my favourite scenes is still ..

    when he first encounters the T-Rex ..

    and realizes it wants to play Fetch

    its tail all a'twitching like a puppy's  ...

    cracks me up every time   Belly laugh 

    and too ... the bittersweet pleasure of Robin Williams's brilliant performance enhances it all.

    so ... come spend  A Night at the Museum ..

    ENJOY !!!

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