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    The Great Chocolate Chase (TM)


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    The Great Chocolate Chase (TM) Empty The Great Chocolate Chase (TM)

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:39 pm

    The Great Chocolate Chase
    by Playfirst - September, 2008

    Series list: Chocolatier 1, Chocolatier 2: The Secret Ingredients, Chocolatier 3: Decadence by Design, The Great Chocolate Chase (TM with characters from the Chocolatier series)

    Available from:  
    Big Fish for PC and Mac
    GameHouse for PC  uses full name: "The Great Chocolate Chase - A Chocolatier Twist"
    iWin for PC

    The Great Chocolate Chase (TM) 24281239-24958928-300x150

    Klaus Werner returns with his creative inventions delivering chocolates
    to the mouths of calorie-starved customers. Set in the year 1904,
    revisit the Chocolatier period with an all-star cast including
    Evangeline Baumeister and her confection-loving friends. Face new
    challenges and visit exotic locations like Peru, Nepal, Indonesia,
    Russia, and Libya. Embark on The Great Chocolate
    , and savor this new Assembly Management adventure.

    • Chocolatier (strategy) sequel
    • Exciting new inventions
    • Explore exotic locations

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    The Great Chocolate Chase (TM) Th_screen1  The Great Chocolate Chase (TM) Th_screen2  The Great Chocolate Chase (TM) Th_screen3

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