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    We may lose Allure


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    We may lose Allure Empty We may lose Allure

    Post by orphaned on Mon May 11, 2015 11:19 pm

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    Posted: May 11 2015, 08:16 PM
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    Following up on one of my earlier posts...

    The Allure of Neglected Dragons will probably be going offline...

    ... But hopefully it will be very temporary!

    Here's the deal:

    The current website is on a domain and a hosting plan sponsored by Agrona. Agrona has since quit DC, and I have not been able to reach her in the past few months. If she does not have both the hosting and the domain set to auto-renew (which I'm guessing she doesn't), they will be expiring any time now -- I don't know precisely when, but I expect it to happen any time between right now and a couple months from now.

    Updated website code, which I have been wanting to do for ages, is well underway, but there is still so much more work to do.

    A new website, using the updated code, will be going online as soon as I can get enough finished for it to be usable. Thanks to AoND's wonderful donors, I was able to purchase a new domain, and also new hosting. I will post the new URL as soon as there is something functional online. I am hoping I get that done before the current site goes offline, so I can make it a proper redirect, but if that does not work, check this thread for news.

    In the meantime, feel free to continue using AoND as usual. However, I strongly recommend that you make a copy of any data that you store on AoND -- especially if you use the Trackers. There is no automated way to do that, and I won't be spending the time to make something when I still need to get the new website ready to go, but you should be able to save the full web page, or highlight/copy/paste the data into a text file or spreadsheet without too much difficulty.

    If there are any questions, I will do my best to answer them, but keep in mind that for the time being, my priority will be on getting the new website up and running, so responses may take a while. On which note, Ruby Eyes, I did read (most of) your post, and for a lot of it, I think I just wasn't clear with my last statements. Beyond that, let's see what you (and everyone else) think of what the new version offers, and then we'll adjust from there, once we have that as a starting point.

    If there are any bugs (and I suspect the check all box is broken again), you are welcome to continue reporting them. I do not intend to fix any of them on the current site (again, the new site is my priority), but I will absolutely keep them in mind when working on the new version!

    Thank you everyone for all of your support, patience, and help in making this site as useful, loved, and expansive as it is! I never expected it to become anything this significant, but I hope it continues for many years to come!

    Please e-mail me instead, if my PM inbox is full.
    I am willing to consider IOUs!

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