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    What is Manga?


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    What is Manga? Empty What is Manga?

    Post by genkicoll on Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:49 pm

    Originally posted by b00kworm:

    Manga is the Japanese form of a comic book. They are usually published in thick magazines (I'm thinking New York City phone book here...) in which various stories by various artists run parallel. Later on, very successful stories are published in smaller volumes (about the size of an average paperback). People consume the magazines and throw them away, they only collect the volumes published later, normally.

    Here in Germany, they are published in such volumes, too (and I know quite some series are published in the US, too, but I'm not sure about "God Child"). By now, manga are no longer mirrored for publication (as Japanese writing is right to left while western countries write left to right). After a while, you get used to reading that way, though, especially as there's usually not that much text in a manga.

    Manga normally are published in black and white (they are articles to be consumed and thrown away - at least the magazines), the artists also use raster foil in various versions to create grey and patterns (like little hearts or flowers, only in manga for girls, called shojo manga ... manga for boys are called shonen manga). Some artists use little to no raster foil (like Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragonball), others use a lot of it (like Kaori Yuki). Manga stories span everything from books for small children (kindergarten or even younger) to books for adults (including pornography) and seniors. In Japan, there are even manga you can get sent to your cell regularly... By the way: there are manga for the Star Wars movies 4, 5, 6 and 1 out (or have been, in the past). The hairstyle of Princess Leia in the manga for episode 4 actually looks better than in the movie...

    Some successful manga, such as "Hellsing", "Sailor Moon", "Dragonball" or "Case Closed" have also been turned into anime. Some successful anime have spawned manga series. There's a constant exchange between both forms.

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    What is Manga? Empty Re: What is Manga?

    Post by genkicoll on Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:51 pm

    Great explanation, b00! What is Manga? 3026146359

    Kaori Yuki, that is a name I definitely know What is Manga? Biggrin

    I am more into shoujo (aimed at girls) and josei (aimed at mature women) than shounen (aimed at guys), for the most part. I recognize the name "Count Cain", but I don't remember what I thought of it.

    You can download manga, much as you do with games, but I don't know if you can download licensed manga.

    I used to be a fan scanlator. What that means is that the manga (Japanese), manhwa (Korean) or manhua (Chinese) would be scanned by someone on the team, then there's a translator, proofreader, cleaner (to make sure that the scans look as nice as possible), typesetter, etc. I did all of these jobs save the scanning and translating, plus I did SFX (I would edit out the existing sound effects and put them back in in English - something the licensed copies rarely have).

    This was all done on non-licensed titles. Non-licensed meaning that they are not available in English except via fan-scanlators. When my projects were picked up (and they all were!), we dropped them and no longer had them available (my copies are better than the licensed versions... nyah nyah What is Manga? Anim_35).

    Yes, you can download rips of the licensed material, but I personally do not, for ethical reasons... Thus I really hate it when a title I love gets licensed, 'cause the companies here take so lonnnng to catch up and release past where I've read! I haven't actually read any manga since I started playing casual games, but there are some really awesome ones out there!

    My favorite source for the more adult series (smutty romances, reallyWhat is Manga? 597951271 ) is:

    (They do have more than josei, really! I do enjoy the works of Enjouji Maki. hehe Check out Private Prince!)

    For just about anything you can imagine (they've been pulling the licensed manga they had up, so it should all be unlicensed there) is:

    Manga Traders

    I have never had a problem with viruses on either of these sites. What is Manga? 1404866550

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