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    Sea of Lies 3: Burning Coast


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    Sea of Lies 3: Burning Coast

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:02 pm

    Sea of Lies: Burning Coast
    by Eipix Entertainment - January, 2015

    Series linksSea of Lies 1: Mutiny of the Heart, Sea of Lies 2: Nemesis, Sea of Lies 3: Burning Coast, Sea of Lies 4: Tide of Treachery

    Available at:
    Big Fish as Collector's Edition /

    A strange plague is sweeping through coastal towns, and you've traveled to Port Talbot to help find a cure. But when the town is evacuated to neighboring Wellport, you suddenly find yourself right in the middle of a madman's devious plans. Now you're the only one who knows the truth... but can you reveal it before you become another victim along the burning coast? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    The Collector's Edition includes:

    • Trail a dangerous new villain in the bonus game!
    • Find souvenirs and collectibles
    • Purchase items in the Treasure Room
    • Soundtracks, wallpapers, and concept art
    • A comprehensive Strategy Guide

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