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    STRANGE newscast !!! WGN


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    STRANGE newscast !!! WGN  Empty STRANGE newscast !!! WGN

    Post by orphaned on Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:50 am

    Half Flower 

    well, here I am again !!! 

    my usual TV show for 10 am was not there ..

    so I went channel surfing ...

    OMG !!

    Have NEVER seen a newscast like this in my life !!

    Is funny and varied and almost like IMPROV !!

    is even INTERACTIVE !!!  seriously !!

    WGN !!  

    you are SUCH a treat ... Half Flower

    a perfect example of 'Expect the unexpected!' Snicker 

    and cannot even recall seeing any real news ... EEK!

    CHICAGO really rocks thanks to you !!

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