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    Then and now ..


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    Then and now .. Empty Then and now ..

    Post by orphaned on Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:20 pm


    When I look around and see how worldly and savvy even the youngest kids are ... it makes me rather sad in a way.

    Innocence, once lost, is never restored, rather like virginity ...

    Growing up, my friend and I were true lambs ... innocent and naive as hell.

    THOSE matters were never even discussed at home ... 

    and the measure of a "tramp" or a trashy girl could be as simple as swearing !!!    like damn and hell !!!  REALLY !!!

    One day Nancy and I got hold of very forbidden book ... human sexuality.  EEK! 

    Looks of disbelief and shock crossed our faces ... among so many other reactions ....

    and the pictures ...OMG !!!  *fanning self *

    I remember saying that no way was anyone doing that to me !!!  EVER !!

    We continued reading to the climax so to speak and ... I do believe this may have been the genesis of my left of centre humour ...

    I stated that "Wouldn't it be funny if he p*eed in you?? !" 

    Which created more giggling and raucous laughter ....  resulting in a parental intrusion and removal of that 'disgusting material'.


    Many many years later , Nancy was getting married ...

    Have never seen her so rattled EVER !!!

    Nothing and no one could calm her down ..

    SO .. I leaned over and whispered in her ear ..."Wouldn't it be funny if he p*eed in you?? !"

    She started laughing ... and laughed so hard tears were rolling down her cheeks .

    After repairing her happy tear stained cheeks ... she was again the girl I remembered from childhood.

    Calm and smiling ... with the hint of laughter in her eyes ..

    Perhaps a bit of innocence can be recaptured  ....  a mind virgin, as it were.

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