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    any new mothers out there ??


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    any new mothers out there ?? Empty any new mothers out there ??

    Post by orphaned on Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:27 am


    I came across this while scouring the internet for hours and hours

    looking for precious moments and funny stuff

    and found this  marvelous article  about   MOMSICLES !!!

    confused ??

    breast milk popsicles !!  really  !!!

    and all I could think was   how brilliant !!!!  Okay owl

    soothes aching teething gums while supplying nutrition ...

    babies LOVE them  and for moms >>>  quite a relief as teething babies usually quite fussy when feeding while teething.

    but is not only for a teething baby ,,, as you shall see while reading the articles ..

    as I cannot do a click site access (yet)

    just look up breast milk popsicles

    wiki has info  and  there are also instructions on   how to make them ..

    hope this helps some young mothers out there 

    and Merry Christmas !!!

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