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    Craig Ferguson's final show Friday December 19 th ....


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    Craig Ferguson's final show Friday December 19 th .... Empty Craig Ferguson's final show Friday December 19 th ....

    Post by orphaned on Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:51 am

    For the last 5 or 6 years have howled with laughter after discovering this delightful man.

    Found him by accident,  as after Letterman is still late - although usually my prime time being a night owl.

    For 10 years he has delighted audiences ..charming, witty even silly at times but deliciously so.

    His interviews were always better than other talk shows as  he has a knack for bringing out the best - and the different -  from his guests.

    He appeals to the imp in me as he just seems a naughty but lovely big kid.

    I could go on for hours singing his praises ... a genuine and sincerely funny man. ..  as really cannot say enough good things about him.

    As the West Coast feed is on CBS (and better) -- would stay up Tuesday to Saturday just to watch him
    (and get the 0300 TGT LOL!) no matter what !!

    Shall truly miss his smile, his laugh .. hell, shall miss him period because is a shame to lose or waste good !!

    Fortunately have managed to record a few shows so shall not be Cold Turkey ... and he does host a Celebrity game show which shines with him as host.

    Farewell to the only truly enjoyable talk show host ... and THANK YOU for years of mirth and much more.

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    Craig Ferguson's final show Friday December 19 th .... Empty Re: Craig Ferguson's final show Friday December 19 th ....

    Post by Sable on Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:48 am

    Amen, orphaned!  I also stumbled upon Craig's Late Late Show and thought he was genius!  As an aside, I read an article about his taking over for Letterman, should Letterman retire.  In the contract written, Craig was to either become the new host replacing Letterman, or he could get a 10 million write-out. 

    I hope the story is true, and I hope Craig takes the money and runs, lol!  Hopefully he'll be in a lot of other TV shows and movies.  Loved his books, and loved him on Drew Carey as well as the Dragon movies his voice was in.

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