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    We Are Who We Are...


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    We Are Who We Are... Empty We Are Who We Are...

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:17 pm

    ... and that is all that matters.

    This came up on another forum, and I thought I'd share my thoughts here.

    I take medication every day. Mostly vitamins and minerals, which help to keep the worst of my Fibromyalgia pain at bay. I don't know whether I have trouble absorbing these things in general, whether it's because of my restricted diet, or a combination of the two. As for prescribed meds, among others, I take medication for anxiety and depression. There is a stigma attached to antidepressants, and I really don't understand it. You're not less of a person because you can't "deal" with stress and depression. It's no different than being diabetic or having high blood pressure. It's an imbalance that can -- and should -- be treated, and yet there is this perception that you're less of a person because you need these things!

    Why is that? At least some of the people reading this (lurkers, most likely Wink  ) are now thinking that I'm less of a person because I take these meds, and I don't care. I am who I am, and that hasn't changed since you found out that I take *gasp* antidepressants! I am still the ever-optimistic you knew before you read this post. I need medications to keep my body running properly, and there should be no shame in that, and so I say it loud and proud. I take medications because I need them, and my health would suffer terribly if I didn't have them. I know because I came close to dying three years ago (no, not because of depression), but those health woes are a whole different story. I've been doing much better since starting some new meds and vitamins, so no worries there Smile

    The above was directed at no one, I was just thinking about it because of something a "friend" once said to me about depression meds. There are many reasons we are no longer friends, and this is just one of them.

    As for recreational drugs and alcohol, I do neither. I can't stand the taste of alcohol, nor the effect it has on me, and I detest the feeling of being drugged (which is why I balk at any prescribed drug that has the effect.) My dentist offered me nitrous (aka laughing gas) when I was last having work done, and though the work took FOUR hours, I declined, 'cause I absolutely can't stand the feeling.

    To sum up I don't think that anyone should be judged based upon the meds that they need to take. As for the other drugs and alcohol/cigarettes, as long as they're not hurting themselves and/or others, it's their own choice, and I can respect that Smile

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    We Are Who We Are... O9fj

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    We Are Who We Are... Empty Re: We Are Who We Are...

    Post by orphaned on Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:39 pm

    Dear genkicoll:

    Your post has opened up so many issues .... not only reflecting your experience but ones that are becoming pervasive in our so called enlightened society.

    The computer has allowed so many an escape or comfort but has also become a way to vent hateful thoughts .... because they can.
    Hurting others eases the pain and anger and emptiness they feel.  Safely and anonymously and ... from a godlike position. Giving a feeling of control.

    Too often we are overly judgmental .. OF OTHERS !!  The introspection and empathy that aid in making us better people is too much work ..... so snap judgements are made , pigeonholing people and then dismissing them if they are not of value to us in some way.

    In  a way ... we have become lazy.  It is hard work to really to listen to people .. to hear what they are saying and understand what is really meant.
    Just as any really good relationship does not just happen ...  you work at it ... you think ... you talk and try to understand.  You listen with your mind and heart , giving it the time it deserves.  Taking ownership of your part ... cause and effect. too .

    Everything now is rapid fire ... one slip >>> gone. The "sound bite" answers that sound good  but are devoid of deeper thought and meaning.

    Almost as if  "the magic bullet" medical approach were being applied to relationships and life in general.

    There is no one size fits all .... for anything.

    Now to the other part ...  the medications that you mentioned.

    The human body is a most complex and brilliantly designed "machine" for want of a better word.

    If you were to examine it completely >>> all the individual  functions it performs on a second by second basis is staggering.

    Even the division of labour is clever. By that I mean >>> if we had to remember to breathe, instead of it being controlled by an autonomic system , we may have become extinct before we began.

    Like any well-oiled machine, all has to work perfectly. One thing out of sync affects the rest - some immediately, some later.

    Every single cell in our body has a function - a job to do.  Everything is interdependent as well so each system must co-operate.  Then add one more thing that could be termed a tipping-point >>>  homeostasis!!  Above all else .. and this is primal ... the body must continue to survive at all or any cost.  it will even savage less important functions to maintain viability.

    The parameters within which our body functions are EXTREMELY narrow ... if our blood pH raises and lowers even a little too far >>> damage is sustained.

    My point is this ... even though we live in our bodies we do not always understand  how it works. And we do not always listen to it. 

    We get the big messages >>>  feed me or am thirsty or am tired.  Others are more subtle and require a doctor's assistance.  

    A diabetic's lack of insulin affects the entire body and has a domino affect.  Insulin aids in balancing and restoring to a new normal.

    Medications can make up for the short fall or the improperly functioning.  As such are tools in keeping us functional.

    Requiring antidepressants aids n maintaining the internal equilibrium and >>> overall functionality.

    Internal malfunctions can cause depressive states ...  and leaving that situation untreated can worsen the internal problem ... a vicious cycle ..

    Shame on  those that do not see the intelligence in recognizing that something is wrong and fixing it .....

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    We Are Who We Are... Empty Re: We Are Who We Are...

    Post by Sable on Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:51 am

    What orphaned so brilliantly said!

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    We Are Who We Are... Empty Re: We Are Who We Are...

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