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    Mystery Case Files Series Humor *ALL SPOILERS*


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    Mystery Case Files Series Humor  *ALL SPOILERS* Empty Mystery Case Files Series Humor *ALL SPOILERS*

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:50 pm


    (Unless you don't mind spoilers, that is Mystery Case Files Series Humor  *ALL SPOILERS* 2981382511)

    I've notice the Mystery Case Files series is chock full of humor, so I wanted a place to talk about it with those who have finished the games.

    First up (since I just finished it)

    MCF8: Escape From Ravenhearst

    The first thing, of course, was making Madame Fate dance, and breaking it because I "tempted fate one too many times"

    I was so tickled that the snowshoes that stayed in our inventory despite finishing Dire Grove were
    in the front seat of the car
    ! HAHAHAHA Mystery Case Files Series Humor  *ALL SPOILERS* 597951271

    I love that the devs made a joke of our consternation both with having that left over item (in Dire Grove) and our frustration with the Whack-a-Troll game (RtR). I also enjoyed seeing the familiar mannequin from the bathtub scene in RtR.

    There was a reference to the early gameplay in RtR, too. In the lighthouse we found a note saying that we'd need a 2.5 amp fuse to put in the electrical box outside, and at the end of the clue was this: "Reminder: Pick up some food for that stray, black tabby who often comes to visit." Remember the black cat on the porch in RtR that we had to get a key from (by giving it a mouse)? hehe

    Besides the toe tags (which were a hoot), there's also this: "Patient suffers from acute lack of internal organs."

    Gotta love the humor they threw in!

    Victor dancing is even funnier when you meet the actor who plays him (Lee Rahfeldt). The guy is a hoot in real life, and watching him dance in the credits is even more enjoyable for me now. I will eventually get that video of him uploaded (somehow - gotta figure out my camera). It's a must-see!

    I have more - there are famous movie references in at least two of the previous games, and since I plan to replay them, I'll add more to the thread as I come across them Mystery Case Files Series Humor  *ALL SPOILERS* 3026146359

    Feel free to add your funny moments!

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