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    Fill and Cross Trick or Treat 2


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    Fill and Cross Trick or Treat 2

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:49 pm

    Fill and Cross Trick or Treat 2
    by 8Floor Games - October, 2014

    Series: Fill and Cross Royal Riddles, Fill and Cross Trick or Treat, Fill and Cross: Pirate Riddles, Fill and Cross: World Contest, Fill and Cross: Pirate Riddles 2, Fill and Cross Trick or Treat 2, Fill and Cross Christmas Riddles

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Trick or treat? Nope! No tricks here! Instead, how about 120 new Halloween-themed levels of all new griddlers? Now that's a real treat! Boo! Here's your chance for a memorable Halloween night! Afraid of ghosts? Can you get tons of tasty candies faster than your friends? Fill & Cross Trick or Treat 2 features 120 unique levels, 6 locations, more than 10 hours of gameplay, as well as new and improved controls. Complete special tasks to get trophies and make the game even more fun. Excellent music, fun trophies and an atmosphere that's truly Halloween in spirit! Boo! Guess all the pictures and fool an old witch!

    -An all new griddlers game!
    -120 unique levels and 6 locations
    -More than 10 hours of gameplay with spookily good music
    -New and improved controls
    -Special tasks and more than 15 fun trophies

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