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    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam!


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    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam! Empty ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam!

    Post by genkicoll on Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:55 pm

    On Wednesday my parents got a call from someone asking for my brother, who happens to be visiting right now.  My mother, ever the kind woman, did something she normally would not do.  She said, "He doesn't live here."

    Well, that's absolutely true, but Mom didn't know why she said that instead of just saying that he wasn't at home.

    The man said that he was with the U.S. Treasury, and that it was very important to speak with my brother -- that he could be arrested if he didn't get in touch with them! :o

    My other brother heard about it and said, "Yeah right.  It's a scam."  I was going to anyway, but at that point I looked up the phone number that the guy had left, and guess what?  NOT an official number of any kind!  As a matter of fact, it was the number of a confirmed scammer, although in the complaints I read online, the guy claimed to be with the Department of Justice! Yeah right

    That evening the guy called back, and my brother happened to be at home and answered the phone.

    OH how I wish I had been there to hear him tell that guy off! Belly laugh    When I saw him Thursday morning, I asked him what he said to Mr. "U.S. Treasury."  He sounded a bit embarrassed as he recounted the story, but it went something like this, "No, shut up, I'm talking.  You tell me your department, your badge number, and a website with a phone number so that I can confirm that you are who you say you are.  I will not accept any number give me, so don't even try.  If you *can't* give me that info, then you're not legit, and we have no reason to keep talking."

    Now it just so happens that the guy had the gall to call -- again! -- right before I got there on Thursday, at which point my brother basically hung up on him... and then called the police.

    Here's the scary part.

    When he talked to the police, they confirmed that these were indeed scammers, and that they're smart.  They're getting the names and information on REAL police officers and company employees, so that if you start asking questions, they'll seem legit.

    NEVER give out personal information over the phone -- or on the internet! -- to strangers!  Not your birth date (the one I use on the internet is not accurate,) not where you were born (they can figure out the first three digits of your social security number with this info,) not your family members' names... NOTHING!  Not even your real name!  Sure, you know that my name is Colleen, but is it my real name? Silly face 

    Be safe, all, and ASK QUESTIONS!!  If something doesn't sound legit, do the research!  It might save you a whole lot of pain later on!

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam! O9fj

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    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam! Empty Re: ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam!

    Post by luvtoread on Sun Aug 31, 2014 6:12 am

    It was a fortunate thing he didn't try to scam your mother with the original call.
    She was caught off guard,  she might have given out personal information.
    I cannot believe this guy called more than once,   that is ballsy!

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    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam! Empty Re: ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam!

    Post by djrum on Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:01 am

    Scammers are getting braver. Hubs took a call about a month ago (I won't even bother answering, I love caller ID).
    The caller said hubs had won a Publishers Clearinghouse prize (yeah, right). I think it was a brand new Mercedes and a million dollars!! (Whoopee, we're rich)
    And all hubs had to do was go to our local CVS Pharmacy and purchase a $500 gift card (you know, for taxes) and call this guy back with the number on the card.
    Hubs plays along a bit and ends with telling the guy to dial 1-800-eatsh*t.

    The guy calls back! Not only once...but 2 more times that day and for the next 4 days!! I told hubs to notify the police who, in turn, told him to notify the detective unit here. Hubs left a message and his call was never returned. Well, so much for trying to warn the public, good grief. Rolling Eyes

    The call originated from Jamaica and this same person used numerous "burner" cell phones.

    I told hubs he's not allowed to play with the scammers anymore!! Meh

    NEVER give out personal info. I've always heard if you actually ever won a prize, you will NOT be asked to pay any fees or taxes. I don't know if that's true because we've never won anything.
    I refuse to do the Publishers Clearinghouse, but hubs participates. Rolling Eyes

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    ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam! Empty Re: ALERT - Frightening New Type of Scam!

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