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    The Tudors



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    The Tudors

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:42 pm

    The Tudors

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC and Mac

    When King Henry VIII asks you to be his eyes and ears, you are drawn
    into a world of deception and murder. Travel across Europe as a spy and
    uncover conspiracies, assassination attempts, and other threats
    against England and her King! Find vital clues in even the simplest of
    objects as you explore the world of The Tudors. Political intrigue spans national borders in this historical Hidden Object game!

    • Intuitive gameplay
    • Compelling storyline
    • Based on the hit TV series!

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    Posts : 7464
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    Age : 43
    Location : Pacific Northwest

    Re: The Tudors

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:49 pm

    The Tudors (IHOG)

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have never seen The Tudors on TV.

    The game is rife with characters from the TV series (pictures of real people, not drawings), though they are not voiced. Story segments are are skippable and clickable (you can click through them at your own pace).

    There are two modes of gameplay - Easy and Normal. It says that Normal is timed and Easy is not, but the timer has not been an issue for me. There is no sense of urgency, "gotta hurry and get this done!" feeling. Basically, Normal mode means that you will get points every chapter. 100 points for the first item clicked, and 200 points for each "fast-find." You will get bonus points for NOT using hints.

    Music and sound are separately adjustable, and there is a Windows mode. The music is suitable for the game, though in some scenes it gets slightly annoying.

    You start out in a castle at night. The graphics are realistically lit, which would probably lead the casual demo-er to believe that the game just has "fuzzy graphics". The outdoor and daylight scenes are beautifully rendered, so stick with it. Despite the lighting in these particular scenes, items are not really hard to find.

    We have a variety of gameplay: The overall feel of the game is adventure, but we have hidden objects by list, find x-number of items (all very relevant to the story), and fix-the-scene (items are broken, you place the broken pieces back where they belong). The fix-it scene is a bit challenging, but in case you can't figure out where something goes by sight (and don't want to use a hint), your cursor will change when it's over one of the items to be repaired.

    Speaking of HINTS, they are refillable. During the adventure portion of the game, you will get a visual hint - a little snippet of a scene to give you an idea of where you should be looking.

    You have a journal, in case you want to reference something that happened during a cut scene, and there is a ? button, which will remind you of your current task.

    All of this I have gleaned in 30 minutes' demo time. I am going to stop here until I can purchase the game, for it is a definite BUY for me :thumb:

    EDIT: I have since finished the game and enjoyed it to the end.

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