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    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid)


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    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid) Empty Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid)

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:14 pm

    Claire's Garden Studio
    by DEGU Games - June, 2014

    Available at:

    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid) Fea_wide_2

    Decorate four theme gardens in Claire‘s Garden Studio! Fill your gardens and choose from over 70 decorations such as lovehuts, tikibars and unique plants, while playing a light and fun Match 3 game. You will get there even faster, if you collect coins and use Powerups! Rearrange and fill your gardens however you like. In eight additional minigames you can help incoming customers by fashioning flower bouquets, helping hedgehogs and more.


    • Play a huge number of different Match-3 patterns
    • Charge power-ups and use them to help you complete levels
    • Play eight different Minigames
    • Unlock and choose from over 70 decorations
    • Beautiful graphics in an enchanting game setting

    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid) Screen_1
    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid) Screen_2
    Claire's Garden Studio (Hybrid) Screen_3

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