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    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid)


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    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Empty Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid)

    Post by JustTheFacts on Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:44 am

    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong
    by Jet Fun Do - June, 2014

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Magic-bookshop-mahjong_feature

    A new fantastic Mahjong adventure awaits you in this epic story of the struggle between good and evil! Play as a young elf who travels through an enchanted land. Find magical elixirs to prepare for battle with an evil witch, who holds an entire district against their will. Together with a young elf, visit the mysterious Elven Forest, the Mighty Castle of Knights, as well as the underground City of Dwarves. This is no ordinary mahjong game. Test your skills by collecting pairs of books for whimsical clients. Create and use powerful elixirs to your advantage. Can you defeat the evil witch and save the district?

    • 50 levels
    • 8 types of magical elixirs
    • Unique mini-game
    • Multiple game modes to choose from

    Click images to enlarge
    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Th_screen1 _ Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Th_screen2 _ Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Th_screen3

    Posts : 5149
    Join date : 2013-09-01
    Age : 57
    Location : Western Australia

    Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid) Empty Re: Magic Bookshop: Mahjong (Hybrid)

    Post by JustTheFacts on Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:45 am

    Time Mgt Game With Mahjong & Elixirs!***



    Game opens without Full Screen ratio adjustment, so it is skewed on my monitor. That put me off a little up front. The graphics are cartoon of acceptable quality, with the story exposed comic strip style. No voiceover. Total silence. The music and sound are set at zero, so you need to go do the settings yourself. The music is okay but not what I would have chosen for either a Mahjong game or a Time Management game.

    And this is definitely both. And an elixir-making game as well. One that is very easy and simple, but which has no explanation of any of the rules.

    And up front for those who need to know. There is a timer. You cannot progress in the game without beating it, and I had trouble in the 3rd level (but I am really bad at timed games). That is the storied version. You also have the option of playing any of the boards in the Free Play section of the game, without having to unlock them.

    The story is a simple one. You are an ambitious little elf and you have opened a rapidly successful bookshop. Unfortunately, an evil witch heard about it and came looking to steal a book that could be used against dark magic. Luckily, a wise owl took off with the book and the witch was thwarted. But she trashed the bookshop and now you must find your customers’ orders from the disorder, then move on to visit the wise owl.

    The shop’s customers come in asking for specific books, which you must find on the piles. They each have 4 little hearts above their choices, and if you don’t get it in time, they go away unsatisfied. If you must remove books not yet wanted they go on a bench until needed, where you must remember to give them to the customer. There are 3 different tile sets to choose from.

    The elixirs allow you to see the correct tile matches for the customer, or shuffle. And, I assume, other things. I only got to use one. There are several you can make from recipes in the Book of Good Deeds. This involves a very strange mini-game with Match 3 elements but totally beyond my grasp or understanding. The instructions are of no help. I couldn’t complete the game and there is NO SKIP.

    So. Based on my limited ability to play this game, I would have to sadly say it is not a game I would, overall, recommend. Which is a pity. I like games that mix things up a little and take off at a new tangent.

    For those who can figure out the puzzle, and enjoy a reasonably challenging time management game, this may well appeal! But...I don’t recommend this game!

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