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    Hidden Memories of a Bright Summer


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    Hidden Memories of a Bright Summer

    Post by genkicoll on Mon May 26, 2014 10:17 am

    Hidden Memories of a Bright Summer
    by Anuman - February, 2014

    Available at:
    Wild Tangent

    After having spent many childhood summers there, the estate you have inherited is abandoned and in a state of total disrepair. While you are tidying up one of the rooms, you stumble upon a page from a secret diary belonging to the house’s previous owner. As you read it, you realize that it is actually addressed to you! What secret is this mysterious diary hiding? Is there more to this estate than a simple inheritance?

    -Visit your huge estate freely as you search for clues.
    -Relive moments from the property’s past through recurring flashbacks.
    -Use various objects to access the most secret places in your property.
    -Discover all the objects you need in the different scenes!
    -Unearth the secrets of this estate with the help of your loyal companion: Bent!

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    Re: Hidden Memories of a Bright Summer

    Post by luvtoread on Mon May 26, 2014 5:56 pm

    When I first spotted the title of this,   I thought this was  about how we have forgotten
    the last time we actually had a bright summer.

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