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    Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season



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    Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season

    Post by JustTheFacts on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:28 am

    Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season
    by 8Floor Games - February, 2014

    Series: Strike Solitaire, Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season, Strike Solitaire 3: Dream Resort

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    The sea, the sun, and solitaire! Hit a strike on the seashore in this sensational solitaire game that combines classic cards with bowling! Over 120 new levels provide hours of entertaining gameplay, while unique gold card-pins add variety to classic game mechanics. Collect all the gold cards, and use your winnings to purchase bonuses for the highest possible score!

    • 120 levels of varying difficulty
    • Unique country bowling-hotel setting
    • Collect all the gold cards!

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    Re: Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season

    Post by JustTheFacts on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:30 am

    What Fun!****


    Never could stand 10 pin bowling, me and the gutter – way too familiar. I never could get into bowling games either, because I STILL spent most of my time in the gutters. Finally, I am achieving strike after strike in this jolly little solitaire game sufficiently of the beaten track as to really stand out.

    This game’s got everything I need to put me in a good mood (oh, okay, I had to supply the chocolate myself). The scenery is warm and bright and fresh – we’re playing indoor bowls outside in a tropical resort! And the music is cheerful rather than relaxing, but not jaunty enough to spoil my zen moments. And how am I miraculously scoring? By playing solitaire!

    I never heard of the first Strike Solitaire so this totally zany idea is new to me. A solitaire game where if you match up all the special cards, you score a strike in your bowling game. This is so wacky it actually works!

    Basically, we have a standard solitaire game, with the usual power ups and bonus cards - shuffle, joker, and add an extra card slot to the deck. You score points as you normally would by making the matches as quickly as possible to increase your multiplier, finishing the round with no cards on the table, that sort of thing. And you get trophies for these various achievements. There is also a shop to purchase more of these power ups. You can play either for the Junior Cup or the Pro Cup. There are 12 locations, with 10 frames in each, which makes a lot of variations. There are also 3 face card options, and 12 card backs.

    The only difference between this and any other solitaire game really is this fun form of presentation – as frames in a bowling game, and the extra goal of collecting all the gold (strike) cards. Yet it feels so different! I have all the solitaire games a sane person could possibly want, but I am still tempted to get this one!

    It’s just plain fun!

    I recommend this game!


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    Re: Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:52 am

    Great info, Justie, thanks!

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    Re: Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season

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