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    Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon


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    Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon

    Post by genkicoll on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:51 pm

    Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon
    by Revolution Software - November, 2003

    Series links: Broken Sword 1: Shadow of the Templars, Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror, Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon, Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death, Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

    Available at:
    GamersGate or get in Triple Pack or Complete Pack
    Steam or get in Broken Sword Trilogy

    An ancient conspiracy. A broken Code. An unsolved murder. Welcome to Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon, the multi BAFTA-nominated adventure. Once more George and Nico must travel the world, wrestling danger, and piecing together the clues that will unravel the secrets of the Sleeping Dragon.
    Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. Something sinister is emerging. An Ancient Conspiracy, the Secret of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible. The death of a back bedroom computer hacker in Paris is just the beginning of another extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard. Welcome to the world of Broken Sword.

    • Breathtaking graphics driven by cutting edge technology.
    • Compelling contemporary non-linear gameplay driven by a powerful and unique interface.
    • Proprietary real-time Ray Tracing technology creates a unique visual style with free-roaming camera.
    • Movie quality script and voice acting, choreographed by Revolution’s proprietary Virtual Actor Engine.

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    Re: Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon

    Post by RenaissanceMom on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:58 pm

    Okay, this game was definitely trickier, with WASD keypad controls and a lot more physicality. The 3D technology doesn't always work unfortunately - a product of its time of course - but DH and I **loved** this game and had so much fun playing it together!!!

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