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    Mahjong Magic Journey


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    Mahjong Magic Journey Empty Mahjong Magic Journey

    Post by genkicoll on Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:55 am

    Mahjong Magic Journey
    by 8Floor Games - January, 2014

    Available at:
    Big Fish

    Mahjong Magic Journey Mahjong-magic-journey_feature

    Someone has captured all the enchanted animals in a magical forest and trapped them in cages! Now it's up to you to solve soothing Mahjong puzzles to free the animals and find the predator responsible for their imprisonment! Play through 120 unique levels, in six wonderful, exotic worlds filled with magical, bewitching scenery, a charming atmosphere and a relaxing soundtrack. Solve original puzzles to open the cages holding the fantastic creatures and free them from the grasps of the villain who captured them. Embark on an exciting Mahjong adventure in an enchanting fairy tale world!

    • More than 100 original levels
    • Unlockable achievements
    • Fantastic animals and magical world

    Click images to enlarge
    Mahjong Magic Journey Th_screen1 _Mahjong Magic Journey Th_screen2 _ Mahjong Magic Journey Th_screen3

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    Mahjong Magic Journey O9fj

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    Mahjong Magic Journey Empty Re: Mahjong Magic Journey

    Post by JustTheFacts on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:33 am

    Our Monthly Mahjong Cookie ****


    This is another standardised mahjong game from 8 Floor. Seems we get a new one each month, and the only difference is the graphics and the shape of the boards. The ‘story’, which determines the nature of the 6 backgrounds, one set of the tiles, and the name given to each chapter, is of a magic journey to find 6 lost magical animals. The first is a unicorn. It is all very pretty, but totally unoriginal. The game has the standard features of all of their mahjong games. This includes:

    • 20 different boards x 6 locales (from Enchanted Forest to Magister) = 120 levels
    • Objectives for earning stars (time, number of steps, points, number of gold tiles retrieved)
    • Silver bonus tiles that automatically fill your multiplier meter
    • 6 Magic-themed board designs
    • Shuffle option
    • 3 types of tiles – original, magical fantasy and large print numbers (The magical journey tiles are disgustingly cute)
    • High scores and Trophies
    • Unexceptional relaxing and ‘pretty’ music
    • Boards shaped to the theme.

    To progress through the levels you must meet the goals set for each board. These are:

    1. Remove a certain number of gold tiles (the more non-gold tiles left at end of play earns more points)
    2. Receive so many points (points are awarded on time taken between moves and involve a multiplier)
    3. Complete the board in a set number of moves
    4. Time taken to clear the board

    The board is finished once the number of gold tiles is complete. Points can be multiplied by increasing the speed of your play, the moves set are not necessarily the minimum possible (yet at least), but they are a challenge after the first few boards. If you do not reach all the goals in one try, say you didn’t have enough points but the other goals were reached, you can replay it focussing on the points and no need to repeat your performance on the other goals.

    What I didn’t see was an indication of the number of matched pairs available. I really love this feature. But the game does have an option for showing the clear tiles. It also doesn’t attempt a story, other than the naming of the various locations. Which is good or bad news depending on your preferences.

    I liked that, though not a widescreen game, it catered to wide screens by having wallpaper on the sides. This could have been more related to the so-called story.

    This is a more traditionally peaceful game than their offerings, and it is pretty. But it is oh so, same old, same old. Which must be appealing to someone, because they keep on doing it.

    I neither recommend or not. This game is what it is.

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