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    Hidden Mysteries 9: Royal Family Secrets


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    Hidden Mysteries 9: Royal Family Secrets

    Post by JustTheFacts on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:23 am

    Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets
    by Gunnar Games - March, 2012

    Series links: Hidden Mysteries 1: Civil WarHidden Mysteries 2: Buckingham Palace, Hidden Mysteries 3: The White House, Hidden Mysteries 4: The Fateful Voyage Titanic, Hidden Mysteries 5: Vampire Secrets, Hidden Mysteries 6: Salem Secrets, Hidden Mysteries 7: Notre Dame - Secrets of Paris, Hidden Mysteries 8: The Forbidden City, Hidden Mysteries 9: Royal Family Secrets, Hidden Mysteries 10: Return To The Titanic, Hidden Mysteries 11: Gates of Graceland

    Available at:
    Big Fish for PC / MAC

    You were the Queen's most trusted handmaiden. Yet all it took was a whisper for you to be falsely accused of stealing Her Majesty's Royal brooch and sentenced to death in the tower of London. You will be doomed to wander within the walls of 'The Bloody Tower' for eternity. Unless you can find help...

    • Collect important evidence
    • Protect the queen
    • Prevent a revolution!
    • Strategy Guide
    • Walkthrough (Big Fish)

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    Posts : 5095
    Join date : 2013-09-01
    Age : 55
    Location : Western Australia

    Re: Hidden Mysteries 9: Royal Family Secrets

    Post by JustTheFacts on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:25 am

    Developer: Gunnar Games

    One Of My All Time Favourites
    Sunny Sunny SunnySunny Sunny 


    This is not a big money game. There’s no movie-like opening scenes, the game opens directly to the main menu page. There’s no voiceover, and the tale being told is simple. But it is a lovely game to play.

    The graphics are pretty good – and it opens in wide-screen mode. The style is hand drawn, vibrant colours, although many scenes are quite dark. The HO scenes offer clear and detailed objects with little disguise. The music is moody, occasionally regal, never annoying. Ambient sound adds just the right touch of authenticity. The entire experience is gentle and almost... thoughtful.

    A friend has stolen the queen’s cursed amulet, and fingered you for the deed. Today is the day of your execution. Since only a miracle can save you now, where must this game be going? It’s great to play a story that doesn’t involve the rescue of idiotic family for a change. What you will have to do is pacify a bunch of unruly royals, no mean feat, and the historical references are fun.

    This is a HO game. There is a strong streak of adventure there too, but it is at its most logical. There are also a few puzzles (fast skip), and they are pretty straightforward. The progress is even and hotspots are pinpointed by sparkles. If you get stuck the interactive map will show you where to go – but it is not a jump map. The HO scenes are visited twice, and are slightly interactive lists. Hint is a bit slower than skip, but okay. There is a harder mode where both take longer and there are less sparkles.

    I’ve reread what I’ve just written, and it makes the game sound flat. It’s not. It is interesting, you get to meet famous historical figures and the intrigues are amusing. No, it is not going to win any awards, but I guarantee that you’ll enjoy a few quiet hours with the British royals and their disputatious subjects.

    I Recommend This Game!

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