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    How to Take a Screenshot


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    How to Take a Screenshot

    Post by genkicoll on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:39 pm

    To see Mif's quite wonderful tutorial on using Paint with Windows 7, please see post #3 HERE.

    This is really easy, and can be done at any time when you're on the computer -- online, during a game, whenever.
    Take a screenshot by tapping on the PrtScn (Print Screen) button.  That copies what's on the screen to the clipboard.

    Next I open my art program (I use PhotoImpact,) start a new project, and paste (ctrl+v) the image.
     - If you are using Paint, you don't even have to start a project, just click on the Paste button at the top left of the program.

    Whee~  A screenshot! Happy bounce
    But wait... what if all that you see is a bunch of black? Overreaction

    It's a bit of a pain, and something I've only experienced with Windows 7, but you'll have to go back into your game, switch to Windowed mode (uncheck the Full Screen option,) and take the screenshot again.

    Now it should work beautifully... except that you don't see just the image you wanted to capture, but EVERYTHING that was on your screen (ie. wallpaper, desktop icons, etc.)  Now what? Dunno

    Now we have to crop the image so that only what you want in your screen is showing.  To do so in Paint, click on the Crop button (top left, again,) then choose the area you want to keep.  Click on the image at one corner, hold down the button and drag the mouse until the entire area you want saved is in a square, then release the button.  If you didn't get it exactly right, just try again.

    When you're satisfied, click on the Crop button again.  Voilà, everything you didn't want there is now gone.

    You can resize it by using the Resize button (underneath the Crop button.)


    Don't forget to SAVE your image!

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    Re: How to Take a Screenshot

    Post by luvtoread on Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:35 pm

    Thank you         We\'re Unworthy!         Hug

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    Re: How to Take a Screenshot

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:32 pm

    By request, and with Mif's permission, her tutorial on Taking a screenshot, resizing, etc:

    Remember you can alway undo anything you do to your screenshot in Paint

    1. To make a screenshot and place it in Paint

    When screen is showing what you want to take a screenshot of, press "Prt Scrn" button (sometime just "PrtSc") on keyboard. (Note: this will appear to do nothing, don't worry just continue following these instructions.)
    If you have you game in a Window press “Alt” + “PrtScrn” that only takes a screenshot of the window that you are currently standing in.

    Open Paint: found from the Wndows "Start" button,"All Programs", "Accessories"

    When Paint is open, paste your screenshot in. To do this, at the top of the Paint window simply click the “Paste” button on the ribbon in the “Home” tab.


    Your screenshot should now be visible.

    If all you see is a black square, go back to your game, run it in windowed mode (go to Options and remove the "Full screen" option). Repeat the steps above for the game running in a window.

    2. To Save a screenshot

    To save your screenshot, at the top of the Paint window find and click on the "Paint" Tab (numbered 1), then from the drop down menu find and click "Save as" (numbered 2), and select JPG.

    A window opens that allows placing and naming your file.

    At the top of the save screen it will show you were it is saving your screenshot to (numbered 4) or you can select a folder (number 5). Either you can change this, or just remember where it is saving to so that you can find it later.

    Near the bottom of the save screen (numbered 6) where you can enter a name for your file. Type in a name that you will remember (it will initially say 'untitled').

    3. To resize your screenshot

    To have readable pictures and limit the download time, gove has asked that we keep the screenshots to max. 600 pixels.

    To resize your screenshot click on the “Resize” button (on the Home tab).

    A window pops up allowing you to resize. Select "Pixels". Enter 600 in one of the dimensions (note that “Maintain Aspect Ratio” is ticked, which ensures that your picture keeps its format).

    When you press "Ok" your screenshot will be resized, which you will also see in Paint.

    Remember to Save (Click the Paint tab, then "Save" or simply press the little disk on the top right of the screen)

    4. To add Your name to the screenshot

    For many challenges you must add your name or your team name to a screenshot (watermarking).

    Press the “A” in the menu in the “Home” tab.

    Place your cursor on your screenshot where you want the text to appear, and simply type your text.

    Note that when you place your text the Ribbon automatically changes to support Text. You can change color, size, etc.

    Remember to save!

    5. To remove part of your screenshot (cropping)

    Cropping is the term for cutting away parts of your picture – in this case your screenshot.
    Press the “Select” button (numbered 1) This helps you select what you want to keep.

    With your mouse you select the relevant area to keep. Hold the left mouse button down while selecting. You see a dashed line around the selected area.

    When you have select an area the “Crop” button (numbered 2) becomes available. Click on “Crop”
    Now only the selected part remains.

    Remember to save your screenshot after cropping!

    Find Mif's original tutorial at Challenger's Game Club HERE

    Never be a prisoner of your past.
    It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.


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    Re: How to Take a Screenshot

    Post by Sable on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:40 am

    Genki, thank you for the wonderful tutorial.  I won't be joining the Challenger's Game Club (way too slow), but I'll treasure the instructions you provided.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: How to Take a Screenshot

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