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    Vault Cracker : The Last Safe


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    Vault Cracker : The Last Safe Empty Vault Cracker : The Last Safe

    Post by Sportygal2009 on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:02 pm

    Vault Cracker aka Vault Cracker: The Last Safe
    by Gogii - July, 2010

    Available at:  
    Big Fish for PC and Mac

    Vault Cracker : The Last Safe Vault-cracker-the-last-safe-logo

    Melissa  was once the most sought-after cat burglar in the world, but when she  gave birth to a son, she gave up her criminal ways and disappeared.  After living under a false name for eight years, she decided it would be  safe to return to her hometown and show her child where she grew up.  However, her plan goes south when he vanishes at the airport. With the  help of her tech-smart friend, Mouse, Melissa must find her son, nail his kidnappers and avoid the police. Will you help Melissa find the  treasure she values the most?

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    Vault Cracker : The Last Safe Empty Re: Vault Cracker : The Last Safe

    Post by Sportygal2009 on Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:14 pm

    Vault Cracker - Definitely One Of My Favorites 

    1star 1star 1star 1star 1star 

    STORY: You take on the role of Melissa, an ex-cat burglar whose son Noah is kidnapped & she has to go back to her former occupation for one last time.


    2 PLAY MODES: Casual/Advanced and Advanced does have sparkles. I played Advanced Mode.

    No map or journal however you are told when an area has been completed.

    There are voice overs to this game.

    The hint/skip charge up pretty quick for advance mode - about 35 seconds.

    There is also a penalty for clicking wrong as a tiny lock will come up on the screen for a few seconds.

    There's also a few mini games.

    There are A LOT of scenes.

    WORD LIST: There will be a "sparkle" on the screen along with a magnify glass. Also in some scenes a few on the list are in dark green color which means they are hidden behind other items or inside a cabinet for example. Then you will get inventory item(s) which are used for the circle placements.

    CIRCLE PLACEMENT: You move you mouse/cursor along the screen and a "gear" comes up and then circles off to the side which you then find the items and put them in the circles. The red color circles means the items are in a different area of the game (HOS)

    FIND THE PERSON: You have to find the person in the crowd as you are given clues on how to eliminate them all until you get down to 1 person left. Just an example here: Find all the people wearing glasses.

    DISGUISE MELISSA: There are several scenes where you find hair color, clothes, make up to change her appearance.

    MY PLAY TIME: 4 1/2 hrs.


    Well I was hooked to this game right from the get go and I did not stop playing this until I got to the end of it as I really enjoyed the story. The voice overs I found to be just excellent and very well done. The graphics in this game are a bit dated but I still found them to be pretty good as I didn't have trouble locating too much. I just really enjoyed the variety this game had to offer with the different ways of finding things and especially the "find the person" game. Even the mini games which aren't hard at all.
    This is just a very fun game if you want a break from it all from all the wandering around and complex puzzles.

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