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    Laxius Force 1: Heroes of Destiny


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    Laxius Force 1: Heroes of Destiny

    Post by genkicoll on Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:38 pm

    Laxius Force: Heroes of Destiny
    by Aldorlea Games

    Series links: 3 Stars of Destiny (prequel), Laxius Force 1: Heroes of Destiny, Laxius Force 2: The Queen of Adretana, Laxius Force 3: The Last Stand

    Available at:
    Aldorlea Games (demo and free strategy guide available)
    Amaranth Games
    Big Fish

    Prince Djarma is the last in a noble line of ancient Viziers from the northern kingdom of Ultai. He has returned to his family's ancestral pyramid to find it turned into a crypt filled with the denizens of the Order, a dark and mysterious cult bent on conquest. Djarma only help is an unlikely ally: the undead warrior Kraiten, who seeks to lift a curse placed upon him by the Undead King. Explore dungeons, solve mystic puzzles, learn magic spells, and gather unique artifacts to aid their quest.

    • 80 hours of playing!
    • 15 Legendary Heroes!
    • 500+ Locations!
    • Epic Adventure!
    • Spells, weapons, magic items!
    • Explore ancient dungeons.
    • Discover the Laxius Force.
    • Walkthrough (by Over Cloud 9)

    Click images to enlarge

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