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    Hide and Secret 4: The Lost World


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    Hide and Secret 4: The Lost World

    Post by genkicoll on Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:34 pm

    Hide and Secrets 4: The Lost World
    by: Anarchy Enterprises

    Available from
    BFG for PC

    Travel deep into the mysterious jungle of the Lost World!
    The nefarious treasure thief Jacques has kidnapped another damsel, and
    it’s up to you to stop his evil plans before she is sacrificed at the
    spooky full moon ritual. Journey through haunted ruins and diabolical
    traps on your quest to find the secret Golden Treasure, and unravel the
    mystery of this epic adventure before it’s too late in this exciting
    Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

    • Fantastic gameplay
    • Incredible story
    • Save a damsel in distress!

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    Posts : 7872
    Join date : 2011-12-29
    Age : 45
    Location : Pacific Northwest

    Re: Hide and Secret 4: The Lost World

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:19 pm

    Hide and Secret 4: The Lost World (IHOG)

    Demoed, bought and finished all in one day. I was pleasantly surprised by this game, as it is actually something different, for a change. There is a TON of back-and-forth in this game, but all for a purpose, AND you have a handy dandy map that allows you to jump back and forth as you please, which is always a nice touch :thumb:

    You have two modes of play available, of which I chose regular (aka relaxed).

    You can turn off the custom cursor, and also an option for lower screen resolution, for those who don't have the computer power to run this at maximum. There is also a full-screen, wide-screen and windowed option.

    There is "human sacrifice" in the tradition of King Kong, but I can assure that that
    No one dies and no children are hurt

    What you DO have is a sense of urgency - must get this done, and must HURRY!

    I do have a SPIDER ALERT for the arachnophobes. If you are truly afraid of spiders, avoid this game - I imagine that one certain scene in this game would give you nightmares! OH!

    You have an interactive journal that helps you to track important information, and a very visible (but not in-your-face) task list in case you need it.

    The gameplay is primarily adventure, with infrequent HOG scenes. The HOG scenes themselves are junk-piley, but not blindingly so. Your HINT button is refillable, but really only of help during the HOG scenes. I had a few "Huh!" moments, but I did not need a walkthrough for this, meaning that the gameplay is very intuitive.

    I'm thinking the game took me about four hours to complete - a nice way to spend the afternoon Sunny

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