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    Time Management Adventure Bundle


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    Time Management Adventure Bundle

    Post by genkicoll on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:04 pm

    Time Management Adventure Bundle

    Available at GameHouse

    As if one adventure wasn't enough, this triple-pack will have you time travelling, heading out west, and taming the wilderness in three fantastic time management adventures! In each unique escapade, test your quick and clever skillset against the clock with a list of tasks. Successfully complete the task list and continue on to the next level of adventure.

    In New Yankee in King Arthur's Court you are charged with the quest for the Fountain of Youth, and then you are challenged to find your way back to your own farm and modern times. In The Golden Years - Way Out West, you must help a young wife and her son establish a new settlement to pay back an overbearing baron. And in The Promised Land, attend an epic quest for the Spring of Eternal Happiness in an untamed land of possibilities.

    • Command knights, collect resources, and build a kingdom.
    • Hire workers to manage real estate holdings in four different settings.
    • Befriend natives, battle pirates, and increase the skills of your workers.
    • Play this fantastic bundle of adventurous fun for 2 Fun Tickets.

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